Friday, February 13, 2015

Predicting the 2015 summer GSN Schedule

Back in November here at GameShowNetworkNews, a rough estimate was published of what the GSN primetime schedule would look like in 2015 and before that in September, an even rougher version was published (with Chain Reaction on it then).

The November "guessed" schedule has held true thus far. The Chase is new Tuesday nights at 8pm starting in January and even though we have zero clue on when The Chase will wrap up, if all twenty episodes air consecutively at one a week, which is the current method, The Chase will end June 9th. Then, Idiotest is airing in reruns Tuesdays at 9pm, not The Chase.

Additionally with the November schedule, I was on to one thing: I had Idiotest Wednesday at 8pm and Baggage On The Road Wednesday at 10pm, only much later in the year. I did not expect Baggage On The Road to premiere as early as it did and I meant that Idiotest Season 2 would air Wednesdays at 8pm. But, the remaining eps of Season 1 ended up airing there. As for second seasons Idiotest, Skin Wars and It Takes a Church, those have not been scheduled yet.

My September schedule was a very rough guess (for example, Idiotest and Skin Wars had not been green-lit for a second season yet). App Wars does not look like it will be coming along and Chain Reaction definitely is. But, GSN is not touching Sunday nights. I hear that since Sundays are the highest rated night of a normal week, currently occupied with HD Steve Harvey Family Feud.

There are currently five GSN originals to schedule for this summer: The Chase Season 4 (and possibly Season 5), Idiotest Season 2, Skin Wars Season 2, It Takes a Church Season 2 and the Chain Reaction revival. Will Baggage On The Road make a second season? Doesn't look too likely but I'll discuss that in a bit.

Schedule predictions:

The Chase: I doubt we'll see The Chase move timeslots and should remain in the Tuesday 8pm slot (and only the Tuesday 8pm slot) for the remainder of Season 4, which will probably wrap up around June. In seasons 2 and 3, GSN has given The Chase a mid-season hiatus (Season 2 for two weeks because of Christmas/New Years'; Season 3 for two months...just because). Even with twenty episodes, I don't see this happening. I see GSN renewing The Chase at their spring upfronts and premiering the fifth season in August.

Idiotest: The second season of Idiotest depends on the fate of Baggage On The Road: If BOTC gets canned, Idiotest gets the Wednesday 10pm slot post-Skin Wars. If BOTC stays, Idiotest keeps the Wednesday 8pm slot for new runs. Idiotest has gathered its strongest numbers serving as the lead-out from The Chase. Idiotest could use the Skin Wars lead-out since its slot now (Wed. 8pm) isn't working wonders. Idiotest tends to attract the younger demos, anyway. With the Chain Reaction revival coming, I think Idiotest will move away from the lead-out slot of The Chase, where Chain Reaction is simply a better fit.

Skin Wars: Wednesdays 9pm. Same lead-in as last summer: A Skin Wars rerun or The Chase rerun at 8pm. Possibly new runs of Idiotest.

It Takes a Church: We already know that the second season of It Takes a Church will premiere March 26th at 8pm ET. Harvey Feud lead-in, possibly The Newlywed Game for the lead-out but more likely, Family Feud.

Chain Reaction: I can only see this performing adequately after The Chase. I can see Chain Reaction doing well elsewhere, but best after The Chase.

By Summer 2015:

8:00pm-11:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)

8:00pm: The Chase Season 5 (Mid to Late August)
9:00pm: Chain Reaction (Mid to Late August, if not sooner)
10:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)

8:00pm: Skin Wars rerun/The Chase rerun (first week)
9:00pm: Skin Wars (July)
10:00pm: Idiotest Season 2 (July)

8:00pm:  It Takes a Church Season 2 (March 26-May 14)
9:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
10:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)

8:00pm-11:00pm: The Newlywed Game and/or Idiotest reruns with Family Feud

8:00pm-11:00pm: Various originals reruns from earlier in the week

8:00pm-11:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)


  1. i predict that gsn will acquire 2013-14 season of feud this summer and they might try to acquire celebrity name game by 2016

    1. I do not expect 2013-14 Feud until late September but I would like to see it sooner.

    2. i'd lean towards october, since that's when they usually acquire/renew leases of programming, i think the first season celebrity name game will be acquired around april 2016

  2. I have a feeling that for this season of The Chase is going to be split. They might show the first 10 episodes, then show the remaining 10 in the summer. If they decided to do that, then the midseason finale might be in early April. But, this is GSN's decision of how they want to air the show. As for the schedule, I can see Chain Reaction getting a Chase or Idiotest lead out. I can't see CR being paired up with Skin Wars. Idiotest might remain on Wednesdays, but not at 10 pm. Maybe it might air at 8 or 9 pm. Harvey for sure will get more airings in the summer. Probably to benefit the originals.

    1. About your last sentence Adam, I've heard that Family Feud will get cut back slightly this summer, mainly due to new originals reruning on weekends where Family Feud airs right now, No major cutbacks I am sure, just here and there.

  3. Classics gets reduced in the mornings.
    PYL repeats itself as the "new to GSN" episodes are finished.
    LAA with Bill Bellamy finally makes it's debut but, will air in a block on weekends ONLY.
    Buzzr will become a "hot" item. Makes GSN execs nervous even though they say aren't.

    1. I'm pretty sure Bellamy LAA will show up at some point, but since the Pereira version bombed, it might not be for a while. As for the classics, PYL stills puts up decent ratings, so GSN is not going to remove it. For Feud, the 4th season of Harvey's reign won't show up probably until late summer or early fall.

    2. PYL right now is GSN's highest rated classic, so I think it would be one of the last to go. GSN always has had an affinity for Match Game too, so I think that would also be one of the last classics to go as well.

      I think at this point, $25K Pyramid is probably the classic in the most imminent danger of making a departure in the near future. The last time select ratings for the show were posted in the Fall, they were far from good (I believe it was around 170K viewers for a 10:30 AM airing). What's more the current lease of the show is expected to be finished on March 2, when the 1988 series finale is expected to air, and then they will be probably going back to the beginning of the lease which begins in May 1985.

      As much as I love the $25,000 Pyramid, it's been on the schedule nonstop for six years, and perhaps it is just time to give it a break. I just hope it would get replaced with something interesting or something that we haven't seen in a while.

    3. if pyramid were to leave, sony may do a contnent swap with buzzrtv so they acquire future season of harvey feud or perhaps celebrity name game

    4. "PYL right now is GSN's highest rated classic,"

      As of the last time we saw ratings, yes. The Card Sharks/Press Your Luck hour pulls good numbers.

      As for Pyramid leaving, who knows. If Deal or No Deal and Harvey Feud are pulling good numbers in the late-morning/early afternoon windows, maybe GSN will try to push more modern (but not too modern) shows into early daytime. O'Hurley Feud, Deal or No Deal, Chain Reaction, Catch 21, first two seasons of Harvey Feud, etc. Maybe GSN will finally get some Bellamy Let's Ask America episodes on the schedule and try them weekday mornings.

      The total day numbers have been great for GSN lately. No thanks to morning classics but for now, GSN should not change a thing on their schedule to keep the great, even record-breaking (most likely) numbers going. Considering "New to GSN" runs of many shows are airing three straight hours every morning, I don't see classics going anywhere for the remainder of this coming spring.

    5. Scratch the comment about Steve Harvey's Family Feud moving into very early daytime. GSN tried that on Sunday mornings back in the Fall and just a few short weeks like, they replaced those hours of Family Feud with Deal or No Deal.

      The calm, contemporary Deal or No Deal still remains weekday morning now.

    6. "If Deal or No Deal and Harvey Feud are pulling good numbers in the late-morning/early afternoon windows, maybe GSN will try to push more modern (but not too modern) shows into early daytime. O'Hurley Feud, Deal or No Deal, Chain Reaction, Catch 21, first two seasons of Harvey Feud, etc."

      The last time numbers for the morning shows were posted back in the Fall, the 11:00 AM airing of Deal or No Deal only pulled in 168K viewers; that's far from good, although it was just one day of ratings, and it does have to compete with a certain game show on CBS hosted by Drew Carey.

      As far as O'Hurley's Feud goes, I'm not sure what kind of ratings he's pulling in, but if they insist on keeping him at 1:00 PM weekdays, they should at least pick up a different season; currently they only air one season of his shows. Richards's Pyramid must be getting pretty old at 2:30 PM as well, considering they've been cycling the same meager 50 episodes for over a year now.

      "The total day numbers have been great for GSN lately"

      I can guarantee this is pretty entirely a result of airing Harvey pretty much non-stop during the days on the weekend. The pre-October ratings for the network stank miserably; it wasn't until the big October schedule change in which Harvey got splattered all over weekends that the numbers started to perk up noticeably.

    7. GSN probably likes the 18-49's for Deal or No Deal, so Howie remains at 11am.

      Also, The Pyramid has 38 episodes cycling.

  4. I want to see Monopoly... that's the original I'm most interested in watching... can't believe they pushed it back to the end of March... geez...

  5. What about Price is Right? Is GSN ever going to air that again?