Wednesday, February 4, 2015

'It Takes a Church' Season 2 premieres Thursday, March 26th Show Network has announced that It Takes a Church, the first of three new 2014 originals to get a second season, will debut Thursday, March 26th at 8pm ET.

It Takes a Church is hosted by Natalie Grant. The series was green-lit for an eight episode second season back in August. The first season of It Takes a Church, which aired in June and July of last year, averaged 368,000 total viewers over eight episodes.

In season 2 of It Takes a Church, Natalie Grant will be visiting churches in six states across America. Guest appearances in these upcoming episodes include David and Tamela Mann (Madea's Big Happy Family) and Bo Bice (American Idol). As the press release notes, a "shocking surprise proposal" will happen. We'll see.....

In each 60-minute episode of It Takes a Church, one lucky parishioner of a large church gets chosen by his or her family to find four suitors, already set up for them, to go on a date with. Throughout the episode, the parishioner narrows down the choices from four to three to two and eventually one to go on a date with. The couple then goes on a date and the rest is their own choice.

I can personally sit through an hour of It Takes a Church but it is not exactly a "game show." In my 2015 GSN predictions, I said It Takes a Church would not get a third season, which generally I still agree with. If you look at the Season 1 ratings for It Takes a Church, you notice a general decline as the season goes on. It Takes a Church has the possibility for a third season since it brings in demographics GSN wants, which it has, and if is willing to pay to keep sponsoring the show.

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  1. This show was lucky to even get a season 2. Most of the episodes had really poor ratings. It will never reach the monster ratings The Chase has. I rather see Mind Of A Man than this dumb show. Speaking of MOAM, one of my friends said that Deray Davis is a much better host than Tom Bergeron. They said that because he thought Deray was crude and hilarious, while he thought that Tom is unfunny and he even went on to say that his hosting of Hollywood Squares was terrible. I didn't say anything, so I stayed out of that. Off topic, but I thought that it was something to post.