Thursday, February 19, 2015

If Harvey 'Feud' failed in syndication's play "what if" for just a moment. What if Steve Harvey's Family Feud, starting in the fall of 2010, just never clicked? What if the comedian's style of humor and intelligence was just the wrong direction for Feud?

For a little while through September, October and November 2010 if I recall, Family Feud was even with O'Hurley's mid-1's (HH rating) and never sprung up until the beginning of 2011. The Feud jump happened when Nielsen started the "AA" ratings (average audience).

But what if Steve Harvey's Family Feud started with a 1.4 in September 2010? Then, floated around a 1.2/1.3/1.4 throughout the Winter, maybe hitting a 1.5 in the cold winter months, and then seeing lows of 1.0? It's most likely they would have given Steve a second-go-around, because everyone deserves a second chance and I doubt Fremantle would have given up on Feud that easily. Then, the 2011-12 season may have averaged a 1.0 or lower, ranging down to 0.7's and 0.8's.

Family Feud would have been axed after two seasons of Harvey and a total of 13 seasons in syndication. By March 2012, GSN would have still picked up the two seasons of Harvey, as they did in current day. The first season would have started airing in late March and the second in September 2012, instead of March the next year (due to the fact that Family Feud would have been cancelled and not on the syndie airwaves).

Currently, my guess would be is that the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons of Family Feud would still have some life on the schedule. 12-1pm & 6-7pm weekdays, an hour at most latenights and some time Saturday nights (2 hours max) and early Sunday afternoons (2 hours max). Harvey would have been getting reasonable ratings for a while (say until the end of 2014), then by now in 2015, Harvey would probably be a goner. GSN would not be doing as well ratings-wise either. The whole network would have been completely different. Everything, really.

I always figured Family Feud was lucky to get a twelfth season. Because in 2010 with O'Hurley leaving and the mid-1's new runs of O'Hurley were getting, Feud looked to be on its way out. In the 2009-10 season, Millionaire was beating out Feud by half a ratings point and in a typical week, 5th Grader was above Feud. Feud got lucky to be renewed for Season 12 and now we're at 16 with 17 & 18 coming.

Happy for that renewal now, everyone?


  1. Funny, when Cedric The Entertainer took over Millionaire in the fall of 2013, most people he would kill the show. He managed though to keep the ratings steady and the show returned for another year. But, Terry Crews came on and the ratings have been somewhat terrible. Looks like Terry might be a curse to the legendary franchise. Same thing with Steve, everyone thought that he was going to make the show go under, but as the years went on, the ratings increased.

    Steve 1st Year: Rose into the 2 digits
    Steve 2nd Year: Risen into the 3's.
    Steve 3rd Year: Soared into the 4's and even the 5's
    Steve 4th Year: Rockets its way into the 6's
    Steve Current Year: Landed into 7 digit heaven.

    Can Steve get into the 8's? I don't know, but anything is possible.

    1. Terry Crews is worse than Cedric. I thought if they would have given Cedric another year, he would have been respected more.

      Terry Crews will always be known as Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.
      And also as the person in White Chicks who was deceived that he had the hots for women (who were actually men) but he was disappointed they really weren't white.

  2. There's a lot that needs to be corrected in this post. First, the big change wasn't from HH (household) to AA (average audience) ratings, it was from AA to GAA (gross average audience). This happened the week of April 3, 2011. Paige Albiniak explains it all clearly in this B&C article...

    Steve Harvey took over Family Feud well before this change, in September 2010. He made an immediate impact on the show's ratings, even under the old AA Nielsen system then in place. A typical article on Steve's pre-GAA ratings magic...

    When Nielsen brought in the GAA system in April 2011, the new methodology only reinforced the impact that Harvey was already having on Feud's ratings. The rest is Nielsen history, as Feud's numbers have continued to climb right up to the present.

    1. "Steve Harvey took over Family Feud well before this change, in September 2010. He made an immediate impact on the show's ratings, even under the old AA Nielsen system then in place. "

      If I remember correctly, Harvey did not make an IMMEDIATE impact on Feud's ratings. I remember at your blog, entries from September and October 2010, by memory, when you posted the weekly syndicated ratings, in your exact words that you said "looks like the new host had no affect on the ratings", and other sayings like that, when you referred to Family Feud.

    2. I found some of your entries from Game Show Follies:

      Week 1 of Harvey Feud:

      " 1.4 - down a tick, the new host didn't help at all"

      Week 1 article:

      "The first week's ratings weren't anything to swoon over,"

      Week 2:

      "1.5 - up a tick, the new host may not be a hit but he's not...yadda-yadda"

      Week 3:

      "1.5 - flat, the new host's producing numbers similar to last year's reruns (there's an echo in here)"

      All your words, Casey.

    3. Abell just got schooled.

    4. No, Abell did not just get schooled. You didn't bother to read my post of December 8, 2010 when I noted Steve's big jump over the previous year: "Family Feud 1.6 - up three ticks, Steve Harvey improves over the previous November"...unlike every other game show, all of which declined from the previous November. Or the post of December 14, 2010, when I said: "Family Feud 1.8 - up two ticks to season high." Or many succeeding posts, like that of January 12, 2011, when I noted that Feud was up to 1.9, another new season high.

      This was a pretty immediate impact by Steve Harvey, and I noted it week by week. In weeks when Feud was down, I noted that, too. But the posts show the generally upward trend in Feud's ratings.

      Most important was my post of April 13, 2011, when I noted the impact on Feud's ratings of the new GAA system..."Family Feud 2.5 - up a whopping eight ticks, some are even happier than others!"

      In other words, you've done a very selective reading of my blog. By the way, you still haven't corrected your goof on the AA system. It was the new GAA system that influenced syndie ratings. The old system was the AA reading that didn't include multiple daily runs.

    5. Abell never gets schooled. He is never happy unless he's arguing something.

    6. Gee, it's always nice to see brave critics hiding behind anonymity.

      Sorry, but I don't like people reading my blog selectively to make some point. I've been tracking Harvey's ratings from the week he debuted on the show. When the ratings are flat or down, I've taken notice.

      But when the ratings are clearly improving, I've also noted the I did in Steve's early months on the show. I'll admit, I didn't foresee the huge improvement that Harvey would make in Feud's numbers. Hardly anybody else did, either.

      But I've recorded the improvement honestly, as it happened.

    7. "No, Abell did not just get schooled. You didn't bother to read my post of December 8, 2010....."

      You really did get schooled.. You said Steve Harvey made an impact on Family Feud ratings IMMEDIATELY, which he did not. But yes, throughout the Winter months of 2010-11, the impact arrived.

      When it came to the sweeps, November 2009 versus November 2010, (the 1.3 versus 1.6), it would be fair to say that during the sweeps period, Harvey Feud peaked and had a good period of ratings (at the time) and O'Hurley Feud had a bad period of time for ratings during the November 2009 sweeps. Because really, most of the rest of the season for O'Hurley averaged a 1.4-1.5 in 2009-10.

    8. Casey or anyone, can somebody answer my question I posted a GameShowFollies a few weeks ago about Family Feud's ratings from 1999-2010, before Harvey?

      Was there a peak? Which version (Anderson, Karn, O'Hurley) did the best? The worst?

    9. "You really did get schooled. You said Steve Harvey made an impact on Family Feud ratings IMMEDIATELY, which he did not. But yes, throughout the Winter months of 2010-11, the impact arrived."

      Oh jeesh, now you're splitting hairs over "immediately." And since when did November get to be a "winter month." They must have moved it out of fall (wink). Maybe you need some schooling on the seasons.

      Harvey impacted Feud plenty damn quick, as everybody was noting by the November sweeps. If that's not "immediate" enough for you, well, it was plenty immediate enough for the show's producers. Not to mention the media, who were oohing and aahing over Harvey just a few weeks after he started on the show.

      As for all the other ratings back to 1999, sorry, I don't have to time to dig through a lot of ancient web pages. I don't even know if that information is available on the free web any more.

    10. "Oh jeesh, now you're splitting hairs over "immediately."

      I think this has been all about the fact that we have two different definitions of "immediately."

    11. Casey's definition of "immediately" seems to be "a couple of years." Scott, you seem to have ruffled his fat rolls a bit!

  3. To follow up, during November sweeps of 2010 - before Nielsen made the switch to the GAA system - Harvey Feud averaged a 1.6 household rating under the old AA system. That was a big percentage jump over the 1.3 that John O'Hurley had produced in the November 2009 sweeps.

    Paige Albiniak took note in this B&C roundup...

    In November 2010 there were very few syndies that improved at all from the previous year. Harvey Feud really stood out. Already Steve was driving the show's ratings much higher, and getting a lot of press notice.

    When Nielsen implemented the GAA system in April 2011 the numbers only jumped even more. Bottom line: Harvey was a hit from the minute he took over the show.

  4. Gee Casey, do you ever have a heart attack with all the information you have to pull out of your big head? Oh my, overwhelming information, AH HEART ATTACK, ah ooh eek ah.

    1. More brave anonymous criticism. Maybe you should pull you fat mouth out of anonymity.

    2. You're hilarious sometimes, when you want to be. I love you, Casey. I kiss your ass on your blog everyday before I get my work done. Hahahah

    3. I'm not the same anonymous, but I did smile at the "big head" comment.

    4. Casey's wife probably thinks he's a know it all, too.

  5. Yes! I'm happy Family Feud has been renewed by Syndication. I love that show.