Tuesday, February 17, 2015

'Idiotest' needs to fill seats; 'The Chase' NEW tonight

Good Tuesday Morning GSN'ers!

First off, it's Tuesday which means another new episode of The Chase! Watch three more contestants face off against "The Beast", Mark Labbett, tonight at 8pm ET. As always, tens of thousands of dollars are at risk.

Vote on the sidebar at right on top (desktop version) to guess tonight's ratings for The Chase. The first three weeks of The Chase have seen a zig-zag in ratings from 749K total viewers at premiere (1/27), 598K the next week (2/3) and 667K last week.

Idiotest is looking to fill seats for the filming of episodes for the second season. Go to the official audience ticket website if you are in the Los Angeles area and interested.


  1. I think season 2 of Idiotest will premiere the week after the season finale of It Takes a Church.

    1. I would think that Idiotest has a better chance of getting paired up with Skin Wars, whenever season 2 of Skin Wars comes around.