Monday, February 16, 2015

GSN to cut back "moderately" on 'Family Feud' throughout next six months more new originals coming, including the Chain Reaction revival and second seasons of Idiotest, Skin Wars and It Takes a Church, expect a little less Family Feud around, but not too much less.

In the next six months, Game Show Network is expected to cutback on Steve Harvey Family Feud by approximately 10% (or about 8 episodes/4 hours worth of the current Steve Harvey Family Feud programming). This is simply due to GSN airing new seasons of originals later this year in primetime. In addition, it is expected that same night and weekend reruns will replace some of the current Family Feud slots, although that has not happened with the fourth season of The Chase.

As of the first week of February 2015, Steve Harvey's Family Feud occupies 86 slots a week while the O'Hurley version has 10. Family Feud occupies 35% of the entire schedule (48 of 138 hours).

The only non-Harvey version of Family Feud on the schedule is John O'Hurley's final season, weekdays at 1pm ET.

The social media complaints about the Family Feud overload keeping coming in (see GSN social media pages), but unusually high primetime/total day averages say Family Feud stays. If you want a Feud cutback, keep supporting current GSN originals in primetime (i.e. The Chase, Baggage On The Road). For example, if Baggage On The Road does go on to get a second season or additional episodes in some shape or form, that's an hour or more Family Feud out of primetime.


  1. Since BOTR repeats were axed from Thursdays, they could have used that slot for a Chase rerun or even Harvey Feud. I don't mind Sherriwed, but those two shows would have been nice. With It Takes A Chruch returning in late March, I wonder what would be the lead in. I would suggest Harvey because the last two episodes had Sherriwed as a lead in, and they stunk. But then again, Sherriwed could have put up good ratings, and ITAC might have lost the NG audience.

    1. 99.99% chance Harvey Feud will be the lead-in to It Takes a Church since this year new runs of It Takes a Church air at 8pm ET, not 9pm. I highly doubt GSN will switch out Harvey Feud from the 6-8pm weekday timeslots anytime soon given on an average day, Harvey Feud eps at that time get 400K+ ratings (and impressive 18-49's too).

      The lead-out to It Takes a Church at 9pm? Could be The Newlywed Game but a greater chance Family Feud.