Tuesday, February 24, 2015

GSN Online Schedule: Blank space for Monday 3/2 'Press Your Luck' slot

On the GSN Online Schedule (through their own website), the 9:30am ET slot has been left blank for this coming Monday, March 2nd. 

Card Sharks and Sale of the Century remain at 9am and 10am, respectively. There are no other changes noted for this date on this schedule or the pdf's.


  1. I hope it's not Whammy or a Harvey Feud "test" slot.

    1. They would never put Harvey Feud solo, it works better in a double run.
      And besides, they tried Harvey Feud in the morning and it didn't work out and was replaced by Deal Or No Deal. It might be a error by GSN or they are replacing it with another show. But most likely an error.

  2. Thank god no other changes are made for that day! GSN runs the last $25,000 Pyramid from 1988.

  3. Well, PYL is listed. Time to take a step back and find some other "news" to "report" on.

  4. It looks like Press Your Luck remains weekday mornings at 9:30am ET. I don't know what the blank space was really about.

  5. could be more black family feud. thats all the blacks in oakland, detroit and ferguson do besides drugs and committing crimes.