Friday, February 6, 2015

GSN meets with producers for gay game show Show Network executives in New York City on Thursday had a production meeting with producers for a game show called named So, Who's The Gay? This is a working title. From what I hear, this is a gay game show (the first ever on television) that has been underway for a long time, has shot a pilot episode but has never found a television network to pick up the show.

From a quick Google search, most information on this project can be found on one webpage and their quiet Twitter page as well. So Who's The Gay? received over $15,000 in funding with 80 backers in late 2013. From the updates at the bottom of the page, So, Who's The Gay? taped a pilot in 2014. In the video displayed, the show is hosted by a man named 'Francisco.' The show will not put down stereotypes and will share the similarities of gays. The show's goal is to dismantle LGBT stereotypes. The format is a 30-minute game show with three contestants, two straight and one gay. A celebrity guest will appear on each episode to question each contestant on their life and sexuality.

I personally do not know much more about this and do not know if this will work on Game Show Network. Shows like Baggage and Skin Wars have worked for GSN that are not exactly "your grandmother's show", programming described by GSN's Amy Introcaso-Davis at a recent GSN conference. So, Who's The Gay? could work best as the lead-out to Skin Wars this summer it appears at this point. The only reason we, general game show fans will really find out if this comes to life, at least on GSN, is if So Who's The Gay? is mentioned in the next programming upfronts.


  1. Where do you come up with this stuff? GSN meets with people with ideas for shows about 5 times a day. That doesn't mean anything, especially this ridiculous and amaterish idea

    1. Hey, it's true, like it or not.

    2. So, trust YOU in other words? No thanks. Not long ago, you said Mark Labbett was going to host the new Chain Reaction. And before that, you said Feud AVERAGED one million viewers when that was the total...You see why I have trouble believing you? And I'm not even the person who made that first comment.

    3. Everyone has trouble believing him. He talks out of his ass with almost everything. People stopped believing him a long time ago because he has no idea what he's talking about. Rahner, I don't even know why you do this blog anymore.

  2. Sounds like GSN stole NBC's idea. Although NBC didn't deal with the homos, they had a similar sounding show.... anyone remember Identity?

  3. Don't forget the 2006 version of IGaS that aired on GSN.......

    1. The IGAS remake never made it past the first 40 eps. The panel ranged from bland to unlikable. Dwyer was okay as the host but nothing special. They kept pretty close to the original format, but it's hard to have a good panel show with a mediocre (at best) panel.

      As another commenter said, this just sounds like one of the 88 gazillion ideas that get pitched to GSN every year. And like all but a tiny handful of those 88 gazillion ideas, this one probably won't go anywhere.

    2. "And like all but a tiny handful of those 88 gazillion ideas, this one probably won't go anywhere."

      I hope it doesn't.

  4. Not a show I would EVER watch! Please bring back American Bible Challenge.

  5. I don't know about the idea of a gay game show. I say, GSN should make some new game shows based on the international game shows from around the world.
    Such as Million Dollar Minute
    Millionaire Hot Seat (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire spin-off show)
    A Question of Sport
    Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune (Wheel of Fortune spin-off show)
    50-50 (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire spin-off show)
    Mr & Mrs
    All Star Mr & Mrs
    The Crystal Maze
    Lords of the Game (Based on Knightmare)
    Run for the Money (Based on Going for Gold)
    The 21st Question
    Fifteen to One
    Gift Wrapped
    The Bank Job
    Secret Fortune
    Ejector Seat
    Tipping Point
    Tipping Point: Lucky Stars
    Pointless Celebrities
    The Kids Are All Right
    The Link
    Pressure Pad
    Spin Star
    Red or Black?
    The Vault
    America's Brainiest Kid
    Golden Balls
    Big Star's Little Star
    The Cube
    1000 Heartbeats
    Get Your Own Back
    and I guess that's everything.
    What GSN needs is a new channel for the classic game show episodes.
    Just call it Classic Game Show Network (CGSN).