Monday, February 23, 2015

Game Show Network upfronts to occur on Tuesday, March 10th

According to Media Life Magazine, the 2015-16 Game Show Network upfronts will occur on Tuesday, March 10th. In the past, these upfronts have occurred in New York City with press involved. Current presenters and hosts of some Game Show Network shows have also been at these events. GSN has done regular upfronts like these since their first official one, in March 2012 for the 2012-13 television season.

Various other cable networks, mid-sized like GSN and large, will host upfronts during the Spring months.

At last year's GSN upfronts, Ben Gleib (Idiotest), Rebecca Romijn (Skin Wars), DeRay Davis (Mind of a Man), Brooke Burns and Mark Labbett (The Chase) were present.

Last November here at GameShowNetworkNews, statistics from the GSN upfronts over the past few years were released. From all GSN upfronts since March 2012, only 11 of 30 (37%) have made the GSN airwaves. All others either had a failed pilot, lack of good contestants or were just scrapped completely at a later point in time.

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  1. U mite wanna watch 4 an odd celeb in the gsn mix. this could b the CR host??