Sunday, February 15, 2015

Buzzr TV casting for new game show?

Buzzr TV will launch later this year, in case you didn't know. Most of the schedule will feature classics, an alternative to the current modern programming that consumes a majority of the current Game Show Network lineup.

At RealityWanted, a casting call has been published for a game show on a "brand new major network". The description is very general, but it's something to look out for and could be tied in with Buzzr TV.

Buzzr TV will launch on Sunday, May 31st in, as of now, 12 markets across the United States (Los Angeles, Washington DC, Tampa (FL), Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Charlotte, Allentown (PA), Philadelphia, Austin (TX) and Houston). Buzzr TV will feature 40,000 episodes of Fremantle game shows from the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and 2000's decades. Shows will include classic runs of Password, To Tell the Truth, Let's Make a Deal, Match Game, Card Sharks, Blockbusters, Beat the Clock, What's My Line? and much more at the time of launch. Family Feud runs will also be aired, but none of the Steve Harvey episodes at the time of launch.

In two of the listed markets, Buzzr TV will replace Bounce TV. In 2013, Bounce TV acquired GSN versions The Newlywed Game, Catch 21 and American Bible Challenge.


  1. I emailed the WJBK(Fox)programming director when Buzzr was first announced and received a note stating they had no plans to bring on the new network. So you might remove Detroit from your list.

  2. There'll be a lot of happy people in the Lehigh Valley and SEPA/NJ/Delaware, being in the launch markets for Buzzr TV.