Tuesday, February 24, 2015

'Baggage On The Road' up week to week

Baggage On The Road had another successful week for its latest new episodes from Wednesday, February 18th. The hour of new episodes from 10pm to 11pm ET averaged 407,000 total viewers. This is up 3% in total viewers from last week's 396,000 total viewers

The first new episode of Baggage On The Road at 10pm drew 422,000 total viewers, a 3% drop from its Family Feud lead-in (which had 437K total viewers at 9:30pm). The second new episode of Baggage On The Road at 10:30pm had 392,000 total viewers, a 7% drop from the first episode.

All in reruns, Idiotest had 392K viewers at 8pm and 336K viewers at 8:30pm. Family Feud at 9pm had 417K viewers and the 9:30pm Family Feud episode had 437K viewers (the highest rated show of the night).

Throughout the entire three hours, GSN's primetime lineup averaged 399,000 total viewers. This would normally be very good, except the GSN primetime lineup has averaged 425K to 450K total viewers for the weekly average within the past four weeks. But ultimately, a 399K average for a GSN night is still very good.


  1. GSN will announce Monopoly Millionaires Club tomorrow.

  2. This is much better than I thought it did, seeing how it lost 2 hours of reruns on Saturdays.

    1. It is very possible the Saturday reruns have just been performing poorly and Harvey Feud would perform better.

      Baggage On The Road still stands at a decent chance for renewal.