Saturday, February 14, 2015

'Baggage On The Road' up 23% week-to-week but falls big from lead-in

Douglas Pucci tweeted total viewer ratings for the entire Wednesday 2/11 primetime lineup for Game Show Network. The 18-49's matter most for a borderline renewal show like Baggage On The Road. I would like to see them one of these days.

Baggage On The Road scored up 23% in total viewers for its hour of new episodes this week versus the last. Last week, both episodes of Baggage On The Road averaged 306,000 total viewers (312K at 10pm, 300K at 10:30pm). This week, the new episodes of Baggage On The Road averaged 396,000 total viewers (380K at 10pm, 411K at 10:30pm). The first episode of Baggage On The Road, at 10pm ET, is up 18% in total viewers week-to-week. The second episode, at 10:30pm ET, is up 27% in total viewers week-to-week. Baggage On The Road this week, for the first time four weeks, grew half-hour to half-hour by 7% in total viewers.

Baggage On The Road did fall from the rest of the primetime lineup which consisted of Idiotest at 8pm and 8:30pm ET then Family Feud in the 9pm hour. Idiotest reruns scored 426K (8pm) and 419K (8:30pm). Family Feud scored 469K (9pm) and 622K (9:30pm). Baggage On The Road actually fell a large 39% from its lead-in (622K to 380K).

Update: Douglas Pucci has posted the 18-49 demos from Wednesday night: 8pm Idiotest had 84K, 8:30pm Idiotest had 121K (+31% from lead-in), 9pm Family Feud had 111K (-8%), 9:30pm Family Feud had 190K (+42%), 10pm Baggage On The Road had 82K (-57%) and 10:30pm Baggage On The Road had 103K (+20%)


  1. BOTR dropped almost 50% of its Harvey Feud lead-in. Unless it is putting up respectable demos (which it might be, compared to many of GSN's other shows), I don't see it getting renewed.

  2. Scott dislikes Baggage on the Road, so he tries to make the numbers look as bad as possible. The show actually does more than respectable ratings for GSN. In fact, the second ep on 2/11 got 100K+ 18-49 viewers, terrific for the geriatric network. Those kinds of 18-49 numbers got Idiotest renewed.

    Not so incidentally, one of the 2/11 Idiotest eps also got 100K+ 18-49 viewers. That's why it's still on the network.

    GSN can always bring Baggage back whenever they want, as long as Jerry is around. Since it's one of the few shows on the network that doesn't skew near death, I wouldn't be surprised to see some more eps sooner or later.

  3. I see that Scott posted the 18-49 numbers after I called him on it. Naturally, he tried to make the Baggage on the Road demos look as bad as possible, when actually they're very good for the retirement home GSN.

    Scott pulls what TV by the Numbers used to call the "retentionista" trick. If a show doesn't retain some mysteriously predetermined percentage of its lead-in, it's somehow a failure. Even if it's doing very good demos compared to other shows on its network, as Baggage on the Road is doing on GSN.

    Long story short, Jerry and his would-be romancers are helping to make GSN's elderly audience a little less elderly. That's why the network revived the format in the first place. And it's why I wouldn't be surprised to see another revival sometime in the future. Shows that can draw anybody in 18-49 are gold for GSN.

    I'm not much of a Baggage fan myself, though it's far from the worst dating show I've seen. But I'm not going to pretend the show is some kind of ratings flop for GSN, when the demos show just the opposite.

  4. Sorry to keep ranting, but I mentioned TV by the Numbers. Scott says that he bases his "renewal percentages" on the same ideas as TVBTN. Well, if he really does that, Baggage on the Road would be almost a lock for renewal. In a typical week, according to Douglas Pucci, GSN might average 70K or 80K 18-49 viewers in prime time. Maybe a little more lately when the network has been pulling larger audiences in general.

    Of course, to determine its renewal percentages, TVBTN does a ratio of a show's 18-49 numbers to the network's overall 18-49 average. By that standard, Baggage on the Road easily matches or exceeds GSN's prime time average, and way exceeds the network's total day average. So the guys at TV by the Numbers would probably give Jerry four or five happy faces for a likely renewal on GSN.

    I have no idea if this methodology applies to GSN. The network says they target 25-54, not 18-49, and I'm not sure how much they consider any demos in their decision-making process. So I have no idea if they're thinking about more Baggage eps any time soon. They've already got plenty of episodes on the shelf. But those 18-49 numbers could well have played a part in their decision to revive the show in the first place.

    So by TVBTN's methods, Baggage on the Road would look really, really good for renewal. Especially compared to all the very old-skewing stuff on GSN.

  5. "Scott dislikes Baggage on the Road, so he tries to make the numbers look as bad as possible."

    I am literally just reporting the percentages from the lead-in. I did say in the title that Baggage On The Road was up. I could have just mentioned in the title that Jerry suffered a BIG loss in viewers from Steve the half-hour before. I will agree that Baggage On The Road, by itself, week after week (with the exception of 1/14/15) gets respectable, even great numbers. But, the large fall from the lead-in week after week after week is not promising.

    As for the numbers themselves: An episode of BOTR received 380K total viewers and then 82K 18-49. The next episode received 411K total viewers (+8% from lead-in) and 103K 18-49 (+20% from lead-in). That's impressive by itself. Consider the season premiere of The Chase achieved 749K total viewers but only 132K in the 18-49 demo. If BOTR were to score 749K total viewers, the projected 18-49 number would be around 160K.

    Good news for Baggage On The Road from this week: Total viewer numbers impressive, total viewer rise from 10pm to 10:30pm impressive. The fact that the 18-49's rose even more from 10pm to 10:30pm than total viewers is great news.

    Bad news for Baggage On The Road this week: Big fall from lead-in in total viewers, HUGE fall from lead-in in the 18-49's.

    On a personal note, I disliked Baggage On The Road at the very beginning. The first two episodes didn't thrill me. The revival, on premiere night, just seemed disappointing from the original run. To be honest, I have gone back to watching some reruns of BOTR either Saturday nights or VideoOnDemand in recent weeks. BOTR has grown on me and I would like to see BOTR come back for future episodes. I also have understood, over time, a little more now why the background stories are needed to get more in-depth with the daters/suitors lives.

    "I see that Scott posted the 18-49 numbers after I called him on it. "

    I asked Douglas for those about six hours before you posted anything here at GameShowNetworkNews.

  6. "I asked Douglas for those about six hours before you posted anything here at GameShowNetworkNews."

    Yes, but for some reason the 18-49 numbers didn't appear on your blog until I posted my comments.

    Anyway, the entire retentionista argument cuts no ice. Networks want shows that turn in demos and rating points, not shows that "retain" some mysterious percentage of their lead-ins.

    Emphasizing that Baggage doesn't retain all of its Feud lead-in - as you do in the title of this post among others - is irrelevant. If Baggage can draw 100K+ in 18-49, GSN doesn't give a hoot about that famous "retention."

    GSN sells advertisers on demos not "retentions." If I'm buying advertising time on GSN, I want to know the demos I'm reaching, not whether some show is retaining something from some other show.

    1. "Yes, but for some reason the 18-49 numbers didn't appear on your blog until I posted my comments."

      I wasn't home. Actually, I wasn't.

      " If Baggage can draw 100K+ in 18-49, GSN doesn't give a hoot about that famous "retention."

      Keep in mind only one of the two Baggage On The Road new episodes scored 100K+ in the 18-49, and barely. The entire hour averaged 93K in the 18-49 numbers. Not that much bigger than 70K to 80K 18-49's GSN averages per week (which has probably been higher in the past three or so months with more total viewers).

      I would say, in brief, BOTR has slightly above average (for GSN standards) 18-49 and total viewer numbers this week alone.

      If you want to back good numbers Baggage On The Road and for BOTR getting more episodes, I would concentrate on the impressive half-hour to half-hour rise and the wayyyyyy more impressive 18-49 rise from 10 to 10:30pm.

    2. I found a report from New Buy Media that GSN averaged a prime time 0.07 18-49 rating for the period December 1, 2014 through February 3, 2015...

      Just shows how low GSN's usual 18-49 ratings are. Showbuzz reported that one ep of Baggage on the Road, which only got 300K viewers overall, still managed a 0.07 18-49 rating, matching the GSN average over the past couple months...

      So even when BOTR doesn't pull huge total viewer numbers, it still looks pretty good in 18-49 compared to GSN's very low 18-49 prime time average. As a result, TV by the Numbers would probably regard Baggage on the Road as a pretty good bet for renewal.

      GSN has plenty of Baggage on the shelf, so I tend to think the network is in no hurry to shoot more eps, regardless of the ratings. And I don't know if the TVBTN methods apply to GSN at all. But Baggage is probably one of the few shows on GSN that do much business in 18-49.

    3. Very good sources. From the first link, interesting how GSN averaged a 0.06 in the 18-49 from 3/31/14 through 10/11/14, and then a 0.07 from there on out. It's just a little bump, but it's still an improvement.

      "GSN has plenty of Baggage on the shelf, so I tend to think the network is in no hurry to shoot more eps, regardless of the ratings."

      This one does not make any sense, Casey. After the conclusion of its third season, GSN had 31 episodes of The Chase. Does that mean they should not have rushed Season 4 because they had enough episodes 'on the shelf' of The Chase to rerun? No. Same goes with Idiotest. Season 1 ended the last week of January and the Season 2 eps begun filming last week (and will finish by the end of February).

      If GSN wants more Baggage On The Road, they will get the new episodes filmed, edited and aired by this coming summer.

    4. GSN has a lot more than 31 eps of Baggage on the shelf. Wikipedia (usual caveats) estimates 320 episodes are available, including Baggage on the Road. So I can understand why GSN is in no big hurry to add to the huge bunch of Baggage eps already on hand.

    5. I am well aware. I don't think we are on the same page.

      GSN is not going to wait six to twelve months to green-light more episodes of Baggage on The Road if they like the numbers now. They're going to get them on sooner than later so they can advertise the new runs.

      New runs > reruns when it comes to primetime.

  7. My personal renewal odds for The Chase and Baggage On The Road will be published Monday morning. Agree with them or not, they are based on one thing: RATINGS.