Wednesday, February 11, 2015

'Baggage On The Road' NEW tonight: Only five weeks left anyone believe we are halfway through the Baggage On The Road new episodes already?

The half way point of Baggage On The Road has past and there are only ten new episodes remaining (five weeks left) of the original twenty episode order. The new two new episodes of Baggage On The Road air tonight (Wednesday) at 10pm ET.

Reruns of Baggage On The Road can be seen later tonight at 1am ET and Saturdays 8-10pm ET.

The first ten episodes (first half of season) of Baggage On The Road have averaged 362,000 total viewers.


  1. The season (and hopefully series) finale will air March 11.

  2. They need to speed up the pacing and add in more music and sound effects like in the original version. If they do that, then I'm fine with it continuing. Jerry, awesome host as usual. The older generation of hosts is much better than the newer one.

  3. show is terrible. last one had a bisexual woman which was fine as it fits in with the show. problem is the other 2 contestants looked like they just got done smoking their meth in the west texas oilfield.

    had they stuck with the original format it would have been fine but nope had to screw with it and i don't watch it anymore.

  4. "The first ten episodes (first half of season) of Baggage On The Road have averaged 362,000 total viewers."

    This means the show in all likelihood won't be renewed, especially with the network's stellar ratings of late and their now rising expectations for how a show should be able to perform.

    362K is barely higher than the network's most recent total day average, and is significantly lower than their primetime averages as of late. Not to mention while the show has put up a couple of respectable numbers, a number of airings only put up numbers around 300K viewers, numbers that even an oldie such as PYL could put up on a really good day.

    1. 362K total viewers over 10 episodes is fine But, the 18-49 demos matter too. If they're good, then Baggage On The Road will get more episodes.

      I hear we will have to wait until the Spring upfronts to hear if Baggage On The Road will or will not get more episodes. If Jerry isn't mentioned in the upfronts, which come out around late March/early April, then he's a goner. It's just how GSN cancels their shows.