Friday, February 20, 2015

'Baggage On The Road' doomed? case you have not heard from posts here at GameShowNetworkNews earlier today, weekend schedule changes will occur for Saturday, February 28th and Sunday, March 1st (and on), according to the new advanced schedules.

Basically, Steve Harvey Family Feud switches around in multiple places but keeps the same numbers of slots per (same) day/week. Minute to Win It, with host Guy Fieri (the NBC version), will take the Saturday 2-4pm slots. Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air from 8-10pm, replacing Baggage On The Road.

Baggage On The Road has now had reruns ousted out of primetime twice within the past month. First on Thursday nights and now on Saturday nights (not to mention, new runs moved an hour later in primetime on Wednesdays). In its first twelve episodes, Baggage On The Road has averaged 368,000 total viewers with a 30% chance for getting renewed (an upward trend in recent weeks).

I am wondering if this is a sign of GSN not liking numbers for Baggage On The Road. I cannot recall GSN pulling reruns of renewed shows like The Chase, Idiotest, Skin Wars, American Bible Challenge or It Takes a Church while they were mid-season. This schedule change might also be a reaction to poor numbers from Baggage On The Road new runs from this past Wednesday, which we still have not seen yet.

On Sundays, Idiotest will air from 4-6pm instead of 5-7pm. Steve Harvey's Family Feud leaves the 4pm hour but will take the 6pm hour starting March 1st.

Overall these two schedule changes seem to be GSN attempting to boost their primetime numbers with the help of Family Feud. For one, Family Feud for two hours in Saturday primetime and two, another hour of Family Feud for a lead-in to primetime on Sunday.

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  1. This show is turning into Mind Of A Man, rerun wise. It is losing its rerun slots to Harvey Feud and at some point after the season ends, it will be relegated to late nights.

  2. It's disappointing, since I like the show. Also, one of those few rare times that GSN made the right decision in getting the original host to return. If Chuck had returned to Lingo or Saget to 1 VS 100 then maybe ratings for those revived versions would've been higher. It's hard to get used to a new host for an old show, and when GSN finally brings back the right host, and the ratings don't work out, it's disappointing.

  3. 5 year old reruns of Baggage would have done the same as new episodes of this spin off.
    There goes GSN money down the toilet.

  4. This show will not get another season.