Saturday, January 17, 2015


Are two GSN originals, one former (Mind of a Man) and one current (but looks like soon to be former-Baggage On The Road) similar?

Mind of a Man and Baggage On The Road premiered on basically the same night. Mind of a Man launched on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 and Baggage On The Road launched Wednesday, January 7th, 2015. GSN also tried this exact same timeslot and night strategy with Skin Wars, launching that new series a year-to-date (and exact same timeslot) in 2014 from The Chase in 2013.

Both also premiered to respectable but not huge ratings. The 8-10pm timeslot four episodes of Mind of a Man premiered in averaged 407,000 total viewers. The 8-10pm timeslot which Idiotest and Baggage On The Road premiere averaged 408,000 total viewers.

Just like the struggling Mind of a Man, GSN has moved the also-struggling Baggage On The Road from its premiere timeslot to the 10pm timeslot. This change did not happen with Mind of a Man for seven weeks but GSN only gave Baggage On The Road two weeks in its original timeslot before GSN made their move.

Unlike Skin Wars and The Chase, Baggage On The Road seems to be taking the route of Mind of a Man.


  1. BOTR is horrible. I don't want to spend 5 minutes learning about the daters. Just get to it. I don't need their life story.

    And stop getting these inter city people that sound like they took a break from dealing drugs or robbing a bank to go on TV.

  2. The "5 minutes learning about the daters" is really accurate. The original run was much better and I still watch those episodes in latenight reruns and OnDemand.

    I have not tuned into Baggage On The Road since the premiere.

  3. Just like Mind of a Man, Baggage on the Road will only last one season and reruns won't last through the end of the year.