Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ratings: 'Press Your Luck' Christmas Eve marathon; 'The Chase' and 'The Line'

Douglas Pucci (@SonoftheBronx) released entire ratings for the Press Your Luck Christmas Eve marathon, the entire December 23rd primetime lineup (The Chase, The Line) and GSN averages for December 15-21.

The 1980's Press Your Luck marathon, which GSN aired Christmas Eve from 8am-12pm ET averaged 114,000 total viewers. The total viewer numbers for the 4-hour block:

8:00am: 89K (2nd lowest)
8:30am: 161K (highest)
9:00am: 133K (2nd highest)
9:30am: 132K
10:00am: 110K
10:30am: 118K
11:00am: 82K (lowest)
11:30am: 90K

On December 23rd, a rerun of The Chase had 391,000 total viewers, down notably from the average 500K to 600K new episodes of The Chase receive (and the season low of 434,000 viewers for a new episode the prior week). At 9pm, the first hour of the premiere of The Line rose from The Chase and garnered 415,000 total viewers. The second hour of The Line fell 22% in viewers to 325,000 total viewers. Overall, the two hours of The Line averaged 370,000 total viewers.

The December 23rd primetime lineup averaged 377,000 total viewers, just up to par with the GSN norm. For the week of December 15-21, GSN averaged 371,000 total viewers in primetime (7 days, 8-11pm ET) and 285,000 total viewers total day (7 days, 8am-4am ET). Compared to the prior week (December 8-14), the primetime average is down 4% (371K versus 383K) and the daytime average is down 4% (285K versus 296K).


  1. I really wonder why GSN doesn't promote their daytime lineup.
    Granted, it was Christmas Eve and people aren't really watching game shows that early in the morning, but I really wonder why GSN doesn't promote the daytime lineup. Maybe if people knew what else was on the network (other than Steve Harvey at 6p, or The Chase at 8p, etc.), then maybe the daytime numbers could improve.


    1. First, the reason why GSN promotes The Chase and Steve Harvey's Family Feud so much is since The Chase is their best original and the network wants to see the audience for The Chase to continue to climb. What GSN consistently advertises is Steve Harvey's Family Feud weekdays at...not noon...but 6pm ET. That's simply because the Harvey Feud block has huge potential and leads into the primetime lineup.

      I don't think GSN advertising their daytime lineup would really work out since there are so many shows that have little or no value. I can't see advertising daily runs of Card Sharks, Sale of the Century or Catch 21 catching the average viewer's eye. GSN figures the same. Whatever those shows get regluarly, they get.

      What GSN should have done with the Christmas Eve PYL marathon is advertise that during the morning lineup often and occasionally in primetime. Otherwise, as of now, GSN's advertising priorities are in this order:

      1) Baggage On The Road--Wednesday premiere
      2) Idiotest--Wednesday premiere
      3) The Chase Season 4 premiere
      4) Steve Harvey's Family Feud
      5) The Newlywed Game

  2. Anybody who thought that a marathon of thirty-year-old PYL eps would draw big numbers - or even sort of decent numbers - is living in the traditionalist game show Internet echo chamber. Now GSN would have gotten terrific numbers with, let's say, last year's Wheel of Fortune.

    No surprise that The Line's ratings fell off so sharply in the second half-hour. GSN execs knew what they were doing when they stopped production on the show and dumped the Nashville footage into a low-viewership holiday week. The Line might be somewhat okay at a half-hour length. At two hours or even an hour, it really drags.

    1. Should have said the second hour of The Line. Also, the advertising excuse for the PYL bomb is lame. GSN never advertised the 2010 Black Friday marathon of somewhat recent Wheel of Fortune, and it got enormous numbers by the network's daytime standards.

      If GSN really wanted to goose their total day numbers, an hour of last year's Wheel of Fortune in the morning would do wonders.

  3. The Press Your Luck marathon should have done considerably better. On a day-to-day basis PYL is GSN's highest rated pre-1990 show. In fact, some days PYL is the highest rated show through 2pm and only 8:30am Match Game comes close.

  4. "The Press Your Luck marathon should have done considerably better."

    Why? Douglas Pucci stopped publishing his complete GSN ratings lists in May, 2014. Since then he's only published very sporadic numbers that really don't give much, if any, idea of how PYL fares day in and day out.

    Anyway, I went back and checked the last four weeks in Douglas' database when PYL had a regular weekday morning slot. That would be the period March 17-April 13. For the twenty weekday morning runs during that period PYL averaged a modest 221K viewers.

    Not terrible but hardly huge by GSN standards. With the generally low viewership you have to anticipate on Christmas Eve, there was no reason to expect big numbers from the PYL marathon.

    So 114K does not strike me as an unreasonable average. Given PYL's weekday morning performance under much more favorable circumstances in March and April, I would have been surprised by anything over 150K for Christmas Eve.

    Certainly nobody should have expected anything remotely close to Wheel of Fortune's blowout performance in daytime on Black Friday 2010...regardless of any advertising.