Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ratings: 'Idiotest' returns high; 'Baggage On The Road' has moderate debut

Two premieres this past Wednesday produced relatively strong numbers for Game Show Network. At this point, the total viewer numbers for Idiotest and Baggage On The Road are available. At 8pm, Idiotest hit its second-highest rated episode yet in total viewers with 521,000 total viewers. The second episode of Idiotest dropped 32% to 353,000 total viewers. The last time Idiotest aired, which was November 18th at 9pm, both episodes hit series highs. Since those two new episodes, this hour of Idiotest is down 18% in total viewers (437K on 1/7 versus 533K on 11/18).

At 9pm, the premiere episode of Baggage On The Road at 9pm dropped 1% to 348,000 total viewers. Although, the second episode of Baggage On The Road increased 15% in audience to 410,000 total viewers.

Overall, the two-hour block averaged 408,000 total viewers. The Baggage On The Road hour dropped 13% in total viewers from the Idiotest hour.

Update: Steve Harvey's Family Feud scored 619,000 total viewers at 7:30pm ET on 1/7. That means Idiotest dropped 16% in total viewers from its lead-in.

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  1. Even on a new night, Idiotest does well. It doesn't matter anyway, since it was renewed a couple of months ago. BOTR did decent, but the second episode really did better than the first one. My review of the revival is a little lukewarm. While I liked the idea at first, it was kind of crappy. I think they spend a little too much time with the contestants introducing themselves in a video package. Another thing I hated was when Jerry goes to the audience when it comes down to the last two players. The contestant makes the decision about who they should choose, not the audience. Overall, I thought it was okay, but not as good as the original.

    1. The huge drop from episode 1 to 2 for Idiotest is actually concerning. It proves that Idiotest depends on a strong lead-in, Harvey Feud, then some tune out for Idiotest and more tune out for the second episode.

      And once again, I do not think I will be watching Baggage On The Road as much as the original. The video packages and the friends/relatives are beyond unnecessary.

  2. Another thing I hated about the revival was that it was more calmer and toned down. I like shows where it has a good party atmosphere. The audience in the original was like the audience on Springer's talk show. They react to everything that happens on stage. The audience in this one I don't think really cares and they seem tired. 1/5 stars

  3. This was basically the same night as moam. I hope that GSN will not premiere a new show on Wednesday, January 6, 2016.