Monday, January 26, 2015

Ratings: 'Idiotest', Harvey 'Feud', 'Baggage On The Road'

Both Idiotest and Baggage On The Road improved in ratings for the third week in 2015. The entire 8pm ET hour of Idiotest averaged 360,000 total viewers (378K at 8pm; 341K at 8:30pm), up 12% from last week's 316,000 total viewers for the hour. In the 9pm ET hour, Steve Harvey's Family Feud averaged 433,000 total viewers (386K at 9pm; 480K at 9:30pm), up 42% from the 249,000 viewer average Baggage On The Road had in that hour last week. Last, at 10pm ET, Baggage On The Road averaged 391,000 total viewers (396K at 10pm; 386K at 10:30pm), a 37% increase over last week's new episodes.

Ratings from Wednesday 1/21:
8:00pm Idiotest: 378K (up 9% from same timeslot last week)
8:30pm Idiotest: 341K (up 15% from same timeslot last week; 10% drop from lead-in)
9:00pm Family Feud (Harvey): 386K (12% rise from lead-in)
9:30pm Family Feud (Harvey): 480K (20% rise from lead-in)
10:00pm Baggage On The Road: 396K (up 47% from first new episode last week; 18% drop from lead-in)
10:30pm Baggage On The Road: 386K (up 25% from second new episode last week; 3% drop from lead-in)

This coming Wednesday, the same schedule remains. Idiotest airs its final week of new episodes at 8pm ET. Baggage On The Road airs new back-to-back at 10pm and 10:30pm.

Basically, Baggage On The Road grew substantially in its new timeslot and bested both new runs of Idiotest. It looks like the Family Feud-Baggage On The Road was a great pair. Still, it proves that Baggage On The Road can not perform adequately without a strong lead-in and Baggage On The Road lost a good chunk of the Family Feud lead-in.

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