Thursday, January 15, 2015

Press release: GSN hits primetime highs in 2014 in desired demos

GSN claims to have hit highs in the Adults 18+, Women 18+, People 25-54 and Women 25-54 demographics in 2014. The network claims that 2014 tied 2013 as the most-watched year ever. GSN also had their most-watched fourth quarter ever. Game Show Network ties its success to their original series, It Takes a Church, Skin Wars, Idiotest and The Chase.

Additionally, the week of January 5-11 saw highs above the unusually high numbers of the prior week. GSN averaged 405K/332K primetime (8-11pm for all 7 nights)/total day (8am-4am for all 7 days), 35th in primetime and 30th total day of all cable networks. This is a 4% rise over the prior week in primetime (390K to 405K) and a 8% rise in total day (307K to 332K). The primetime average has not been this high since January 20-26, 2014 (when it was 405K) and the total day average has not been this high since January 27-February 2 (when it was 354K).


  1. I'm only part of one of those demographics.
    Adults 18+.

  2. I am a little surprised GSN did not post any of their increases in the black demos, because I've heard those are up.

    1. Given all the Harvey Feud, that wouldn't surprise me.