Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Premiere night on GSN: 'Idiotest' and 'Baggage: On The Road'

New episodes of Idiotest and Baggage return tonight on Game Show Network starting at 8pm ET!, there are eight remaining half-hour episodes of Idiotest which will air every Wednesday at 8pm and 8:30pm throughout January starting tonight. Ben Gleib hosts.

At 9pm and 9:30pm ET starting tonight, the Baggage revival, hosted by Jerry Springer, Baggage On The Road premieres. The format is similar to the old version although this time around, Springer helps one dater with three possible contenders in different cities across the country. Springer visits Louisiana, Florida, Texas and Connecticut.

20 half-hour episodes of Baggage: On The Road have been ordered by GSN. Baggage is the second GSN original to be revived by GSN in their history due to high ratings from reruns.

Who knew at this time last year these two shows would be spinning the numbers in primetime. Idiotest, renewed for a 65-episode second season, is one of the youngest-skewing originals in recent Game Show Network history (in the 18-49 demographic). At this time last year, Idiotest had not been heard of while The Chase was scoring big numbers (and still is), American Bible Challenge was highly anticipated (which is now dead) and Mind of a Man premiered (which is now also dead). Additionally, who would have thought Baggage would be back. I really hope this primetime block scores GSN big tonight.

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  1. I like this combo on Wednesday Nights, Idiotest and Baggage On The Road. It's Ben, then Jerry. This reminds me of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. It sounds very good.