Tuesday, January 27, 2015

GSN's 'Chain Reaction' revival is casting

GSN's newest revival, Chain Reaction, is already casting. There are three immediate changes that can be seen to the new format, which is set to air on GSN later in 2015:

1) Teams of two. The 2006-07 GSN version had teams of three.
2) Gender teams dropped. Every episode of the 2006-07 version had three men versus three women. This time around, Chain Reaction is looking for teams just like Idiotest.
3) Revival will be filmed in Los Angeles. The Dylan Lane version was filmed in New York City.

The original Chain Reaction, which aired on NBC in 1980, had two teams consisting of three people each. The USA Network version of Chain Reaction in the late 1980's had two teams of two contestants.

Do you think you have what it takes? Then apply now!

Do you also see similarity to Idiotest on how the casting call lists the teams (cops, fireman, nurses, doctors, etc.)?

And don't forget, watch the "second chance" episode of The Chase tonight at 8pm ET on Game Show Network. Idiotest reruns follow.


  1. For the first two seasons, the USA version had two member teams competing,. For season three through five, it was two contestants competing against each other.

  2. I'd nominate Mark L. Walberg as host. I think he'd be a good fit for the show.

  3. Walberg's name floated around about four months ago. But nothing about Walberg since Monday.

  4. Dylan Lane should host again!