Friday, January 30, 2015

GSN plans more unscripted programming

Networks such as GSN, along with the Discovery Family Channel, WGN America and POP all discussed developing more unscripted programming for their respective networks. Here's the full article.

Game Show Network's latest and really only successful non-scripted show is Skin Wars, which averaged 600,000 total viewers in its inaugural season over eight episodes (more than what The Chase averaged over its first three seasons). Skin Wars was GSN's most successful original of 2014. 

At the summit, Amy Introcaso-Davis represented GSN. She stated, in regards to reality and unscripted programming on GSN, "Our bosses have let us play a lot in the field. It would be great to say everything we’ve done is a hit but the truth of the matter is there’s been some dogs in there." The dogs? Well of course, Family Trade, Carnie Wilson Unstapled and Beat the Chefs (In fact, Introcaso-Davis later went on to mention how they are staying away from "food" reality programming). 

Introcaso-Davis points out how "It's not your grandmother's GSN anymore." My eyeballs popped the first time I read that. Just a few years ago all programming on GSN rarely skewed over 90K 18-49 viewers. Now, a lot of shows get over the 100K mark. Even The Chase the other night scored 132K 18-49 viewers (but also very high in total viewers). 

Introcaso-Davis also pointed out The Chase has "a character" that attracts the general audience. Labbett, anyone? I think he's irreplaceable right now.

Anyway, get ready for more unscripted programming with standout contestants that have standout personalities. 10 to 12 new shows are expected within the next year.

Lastly, Davis says “Most of our older, acquired stuff is during the day and the newer stuff is at night.” I may have to take back my prediction from earlier today that The Chase will get a daytime slot that would replace John O'Hurley's Family Feud. It's all pre-2010 programming from 1pm to 6pm weekdays while it's all 2011 (plus all HD) at 6pm and after.


  1. i think it will come down what fremantle does once buzzr tv is up and running, we may see more reality programming if fremantle decides go all in-house with their library or we may see a programming swap between fremantle's and sony's librarys. sony allows this and movies! to lease from their movie library while having their own gettv

  2. Lastly, Davis says “Most of our older, acquired stuff is during the day"

    Actually, most of the programming during the day isn't *that* old, save for the few hours of oldies in the mornings. Furthermore, the daytime programming isn't all acquired; the entire 2:00-4:00 PM window is made up of GSN originals, including Catch 21, Richards' Pyramid, and a double run of GSN's Chain Reaction.

    1. By older programming, she really means shows that aren't Steve Harvey's Family Feud (2010-13, currently shown), The Chase (2013-now), Idiotest (2014-now), Baggage (2010-now) or The Newlywed Game (2010-2013, currently shown). Introcaso-Davis, just like the rest of cable here in 2015, would categorize old as 2010 and before.

      The only exception to weekday programming is the Steve Harvey Family Feud hour at noon.