Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Discussion: How important are they?

How important are GSN's nine prime personalities to their respective shows? Vote on the polls on the right sidebar, below, to discuss how important the hosts, judges and "Chaser" are from GSN's five current primetime originals.

Mark Labbett (The Chase)
Brooke Burns (The Chase)
Ben Gleib (Idiotest)
Natalie Grant (It Takes a Church)
Jerry Springer (Baggage On The Road)
Rebecca Romijn (Skin Wars)
RuPaul Charles (Skin Wars)
Craig Tracy (Skin Wars)
Robin Slonina (Skin Wars)

Please vote on the polls of each member is "Very important", "Somewhat important", "Somewhat unimportant" or "Very unimportant." Try not to vote on the polls if you have never seen the particular show or did not like the show.


  1. I was the first one to vote on those.

  2. The only one that is important is the Beast and he's already old news.