Saturday, January 3, 2015

'Baggage On The Road' premieres Wednesday on GSN: What will you expect?
Baggage On The Road at UConn
Not too much has come about from GSN's latest revival, Baggage On The Road besides seven 30-second or less video previews from the GSNVideos YouTube channel.

Baggage On The Road is GSN's first game show revival since Minute to Win It in 2013. We know GSN brought back original host Jerry Springer for Baggage On The Road and this format's revival is a traveling format, visiting four locations (UConn, Austin, Baton Rouge and Tampa). Baggage On The Road has a needed set upgrade from the prior version in three of four locations (while Tampa has the beach as the background). 

I cannot confirm any of this since I have not been privileged by GSN to see an advanced preview for this upcoming series like they did with American Bible Challenge and The Chase but I really do not think GSN will overhaul the original format. There were probably still big small, medium and larger bags. The reruns grab strong ratings and this revival will probably show similarity to the original version. Questions and a couch? I'm not sure but the previews have not shown that. Those were time-wasters anyway.

I said in my 2015 GSN predictions that Baggage On The Road will succeed and get more episodes, especially in this time of GSN attracting desirable demos with shows like Steve Harvey Family Feud and Newlywed Game and additionally, a great lead-in (Idiotest) and timeslot. Lastly, it does seem like we are in a GSN era of the network wanting to develop as much original programming as possible and renewing originals that were borderline "renewable" by GSN standards (It Takes a Church, Idiotest). 

One thing I do fear is that what did happen with The Pyramid in 2012 may happen with Baggage On The Road. Both GSN revivals, when they premiered, had plentiful amounts of their former versions on the GSN schedule prior to their premiere. The $25,000 Pyramid and The $100,000 Pyramid had multiple airings a week around the 2012 GSN schedule leading up to the September 2012 premiere for The Pyramid, which is just like Baggage reruns now with Baggage On The Road premiering soon.

I really hope Baggage On The Road succeeds. I expect the same, solid format the original version had but with possibly more of a family-friendly tone (if that can really happen with Baggage, but I say this since GSN has been aiming more family-friendly in the past year with Mind of a Man and Skin Wars as exemptions). I don't see Springer being as funny. I really don't know why but I feel like some of his jokes on the original version were unbeatable.

We'll have to see if this all shapes up. Follow @BaggageShow on Twitter and watch Baggage On The Road Wednesday at 9pm ET on Game Show Network.


  1. I don't know how this show will do to be honest. This revival is pretty much like the original, except they are traveling. I find it ironic that this show is premiering on Wednesday, January 7th. I say that because almost exactly a year before, Mind Of A Man premiered on Wednesday, January 8th. Hopefully, BOTR doesn't end up like MOAM when it premiered in January where it started off strong, then bombed the rest of the way. But, I think BOTR will do well because it is way more better than MOAM will ever be.

  2. "This revival is pretty much like the original, except they are traveling."

    I think there may be some minor changes and tweeks. I have been watching some Baggage reruns lately and from Season 1 to 2 there were multiple tweeks (all minor) and from Season 2 to 3 there were some more changes.