Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Anonymous and open-name comments restored

"Anonymous" and "Name/URL" comments have been restored here at GameShowNetworkNews. Anonymous posts were disabled for the past two weeks due to excessive fowl language, name-calling and bullying from such anonymous users. Please follow the below guidelines here at GameShowNetworkNews or else your comment will be removed:

*No cursing
*No namecalling
*No bullying/harassment of other posters
*No bullying/harassment of post author
*No trolling


  1. I never broke any of those rules, but I can't blame you for briefly disabling anonymous comments.

  2. You turkey. Don't be such a chicken. There was no fowl language here.

  3. Has someone been talking about basting their Cornish game hens again?

  4. F-O-U-L language. I will agree to stop using f-o-u-l language if YOU agree to STOP deleting comments that point out when you make mistakes or make silly posts and arguments, like the one saying GSN's new rival isn't a threat at all.