Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Theory: 'Baggage: On The Road' cities were originally suppose to be for 'The Line'

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7476/16067004126_aac15acc53.jpgWhen The Line was in development under the 2014-15 GSN upfronts, the show was suppose to be a regular series and travel to multiple cities. When The Line was green-lit in July, the July press release noted that The Line was green-lit for five episodes.

Filming for The Line did not go as well as GSN would have wished, hence the two-hour special that aired on December 23rd (versus five one-hour long episodes).

Come September out of nowhere, GSN published a casting call for Baggage: On The Road and then green-lit the reboot for 20 half-hour episodes. All of a sudden GSN had turned Baggage, a studio-based game show into a traveling game show. A reason for that? Possibly because GSN did not want to shoot more of The Line after Nashville was (what appears) remotely unsuccessful.

Baggage: On The Road filmed in four locations: Connecticut, Tampa (FL), Austin (TX) and Louisiana. Were those possibly the four cities where The Line was suppose to film its remaining four episodes?

I will agree that Baggage deserved to be brought back but I never saw the reason for the "On The Road" format. GSN had no problems recruiting and casting contestants for the original version, which filmed all 300 episodes in Los Angeles. It may also be true that GSN had previously considered bringing Baggage back

I heard a bubble in the Summer of 2013 that GSN had considered bringing Baggage back for new episodes. By rumor, GSN passed the Baggage revival to produce Mind of a Man instead.

This is me simply theorizing Game Show Network but it was a real possibility, and a quick-fix solution that GSN did not like The Line, had cities left over and had little options. With the few options, Baggage was apparently one of them. The timetable does make sense.

But hey, it seems really odd that Baggage is now a traveling game show.


  1. Alex Davis theorized this months ago. Grab an original idea.

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    1. https://twitter.com/buzzerblog/status/531902730567417857

    2. Okay, he did say that on twitter and I missed it (I don't regularly read Alex's twitter feed). I do think I provide a bit more of an insight.

      Anyway, I think Alex and I are both correct with our shared theory. Five locations: Nashville, UConn, Tampa, Austin and Baton Rouge and five scheduled episodes for The Line.

      Alex did mention that GSN was probably forced to use the extra cities for The Line (which ended up being the Baggage reboot) due to contract or money reasons.

      And once again, why does Baggage really need to be a traveling format?

  3. When are we going to see the schedule PDF's for the week of January 26-February 1? Tomorrow?

    1. The January 26-February 1 advanced schedules I would not expect to see around until the week of January 12-16. GSN will probably want to wait and see how Baggage and Idiotest perform on the 7th and they will need to schedule The Chase for that week too.

      I think we are just fortunate enough that GSN sent out advanced schedules all the way through January 25th before Christmas.

    2. No comment. I gave up on Danny a long time ago.

  4. A much simpler theory: GSN execs saw the Nashville footage from The Line and decided the show was a dud.

    It didn't have anything to do with the "filming not going as well as GSN would have wished." There seemed to be no production problems on the finished show. The format was just dull and simplistic, and Davis and Bailey were nothing special.

    So GSN dumped The Line in a slow holiday week and decided to spend the money on a proven winner like Baggage.

    1. If GSN execs really thought The Line was a dud, there's no way it would have made it to the airwaves in the first place. Why would they waste their time having the editing team work through the footage when they could have just aired two hours of Idiotest and/or Harvey Feud which would most likely get the same or better ratings?

      I would have watched five episodes of The Line and judging the 415K number for the two-hour special, other people would have too. That 415K over two hours on a weak night with a rerun of The Chase as the lead-in would equal 500K for a one-hour premiere with a new episode of The Chase as lead-in.