Thursday, December 4, 2014

'The Chase' Thanksgiving marathon averages 227,000 viewers

Douglas Pucci tweets that the six-hour, six-episode marathon of The Chase on Thanksgiving averaged 227,000 total viewers from 1-7pm ET. The episodes ranked in this order:

1:00pm: 149K
2:00pm: 208K
3:00pm: 143K (lowest)
4:00pm: 321K (highest)
5:00pm: 271K
6:00pm: 269K

Additionally, the two episodes of The Chase, both reruns that aired on Tuesday, November 25th received 401,000 total viewers (8pm ET) and 230,000 viewers (9pm ET), a 43% drop from hour to hour.


  1. I guess The Chase is one of those shows that does great in first run, but not so great in reruns. Maybe that's why its only reruns are on Saturday nights.

  2. The Chase is dumb. It's the same show over and over and Brooke's ridiculous "Beastie" act has gotten tired. "Celebrities" won't help.

  3. Get the fat man outta daytime!