Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New episodes of 'Idiotest' premiere Wednesday, January 7th

During Game Show Flashback last night, Game Show Network announced new episodes of Idiotest will premiere Wednesday, January 7th at 8pm ET. Back to back half-hour episodes will air. These new episodes of Idiotest will serve as a lead-in to Baggage: On The Road, which premieres the same night at 9pm ET.

There are 8 episodes remaining of Idiotest Season 1. The first 32 episodes of Idiotest Season 1 aired from August to November. GSN ordered 65 additional episodes of Idiotest, which will premiere next summer.

This is on top of an already crowded schedule of new episodes of GSN originals for the month of January. Season 4 of The Chase premieres Tuesday, January 27th. Season 2 of Skin Wars, It Takes a Church and Idiotest are expected to premiere in mid-2015.


  1. Just posted the pdf schedule for January 5-11 at Game Show Follies. You can get the details of the new eps of Idiotest and Baggage on the Road.

    1. I posted my general thoughts on the entry.

  2. The season finale will air January 28.