Wednesday, December 31, 2014

GSN in 2014: Wow, was I wrong

At the beginning of 2014 I gave my personal rough predictions as to what I thought would happen for the following twelve months with Game Show Network. Below is the article. In red is where I was incorrect and in green is where I was correct. There is quite a bit of red. Check out the numbered footnotes too:

I can already tell some topic trends will be Family Feud, American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church while I have a feeling Skin Wars (1) and Mind of a Man won't be lasting that long.

This year is going to get a lot more Family Feud on the schedule, I can guarantee. Once GSN picks up the 2012-13 of the Steve Harvey-hosted edition (3rd Harvey hosted season; 14th of this version), GSN will probably see some of its highest rated Feud episodes yet (2) and Steve Harvey's Family Feud will gain more late-afternoon (weekday) slots (3), along with Saturday and especially Sunday. This is the first season of Family Feud in high definition and a difference between previous Steve Harvey episodes. I think they'll be grabbing some attention.

American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church I could see faring well (4). It Takes a Church can't possibly cost that much money to produce. Both shows, with great ratings could generate revenue for GSN to add more variety/acquisitions to the schedule (5).

Maybe Minute to Win It (GSN), Lingo and Jeopardy! will make a comeback on the schedule. I can't really see much of a shake-up from 1 to 4pm weekdays, nothing much really happened in 2013 from 2 to 6pm with successful ratings besides Shop 'Til You Drop dropping in at the end.

I can easily see Love Triangle vanishing in the first quarter while 1 vs. 100 and Dog Eat Dog will fade off the schedule by year-end, as Richard Karn and John O'Hurley Family Feud will steepen in ratings and disappear off most of the schedule (6).

Even a potential 5th Grader or Deal or No Deal revival could be in the works. Just my guess.

I do have a feeling this year that something big will happen, whether it's a big acquisition like very modern runs of Wheel of Fortune or Who Wants to be a Millionaire? In 2012, the big deals were Dancing with the Stars and Steve Harvey's Family Feud while in 2013 GSN spent a lot of money on bringing The Chase to the United States.

Lastly, I feel like 2014 will deliver a solid, above average year of ratings in the first three quarters, but just from my prediction I believe GSN will see some of its lower primetime/total day averages in the fourth quarter of 2014 (7).

1) Skin Wars I thought would bomb since it was categorized as "reality." It turned out, Skin Wars became GSN's 2nd highest rated original of 2014 next to a small stretch of high rated episodes of The Chase.
2) 2012-13 Steve Harvey Feud episodes saw high enough ratings that GSN airs the episodes in primetime all five nights and scattered through weekends. After the HD Feud episodes were acquired, a Feud rerun saw 901,000 total viewers, a 19-month GSN high.
3) Steve Harvey's Family Feud throughout the course of 2014 did end up taking more "late-afternoon" slots, it just does not seem like it if you live on the East Coast. Steve Harvey's Feud only occupied a few of the nights in the 7pm ET hour but now occupies the 7pm hour Monday through Friday. Still, I thought Harvey Feud would get the 4pm and/or 5pm hour but it had the 3pm hour at one point and now has the noon hour.
4) American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church did not fare well but It Takes a Church apparently did well enough for a second season.
5) Whatever money GSN brought in from high rated originals they chose not to spend on acquisitions, besides 12-13 Harvey Feud and classics (which cost nothing), but instead in 2014 GSN spent their money on producing new originals.
6) We really don't know how the Richard Karn and John O'Hurley versions of Family Feud performed on a day to day basis after May. The best guess is that the Karn version was producing sub-par numbers and O'Hurley Feud is producing average numbers, if you will. O'Hurley Feud remains on the GSN schedule but only in 12 slots a week versus Harvey's 90.
7) GSN did see above average primetime/total day ratings in the first three quarters of 2014 compared to recent GSN history. The fourth quarter of 2014, it turns out, had some of the highest rated weeks in recent GSN history thanks to the mid-October schedule changes. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, the fourth quarter dipped in primetime/total day compared to the first three quarters earlier those years. 


  1. "American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church did not fare well but It Takes a Church apparently did well enough for a second season."

    American Bible Challenge did okay with 500K+ averages. The show just didn't have a sponsor like Christian Mingle which was willing to pour in big money, as It Takes a Church did.

  2. 5th Grader is coming back..... to Fox.

  3. Quiet, Zach the Retard. No one likes you. Go away.

  4. I thought GSN would have given 5th Grader a chance. Make the top prize $250K, order eight hour-long episodes, get Foxworthy to host. If GSN got Foxworthy for American Bible Challenge and now FOX got Foxworthy for the 5th Grader revival, GSN probably would have been able to grab Foxworthy for 5th Grader. GSN's loss, but I would have LOVED to have seen GSN do a 5th Grader revival, especially these days since they seem to have their minds fixed straight on great game shows (The Chase, Idiotest, etc.)

    To the poster who used the word "retard", the main reason I got rid of the ability to post anonymously was to cut back on fowl language. No name calling or foul language, please.

  5. That poster didn't use any "fowl" language....He said nothing about chickens! He's only stating the obvious. He was banned from the GSF for a reason!

    I certainly hope you learn how to spell before you become a "real" journalist..