Saturday, December 27, 2014

A 2014 GSN originals recap: 'The Chase' Season 3 ratings average down very slightly from Season 2

The Chase ratings this past season, Season 3, are down ever so slightly from Season 2, down 0.685% to be exact (not even 1%).

The third season of The Chase averaged 580,000 total viewers through fourteen episodes which aired from July to December 2014. The second season of The Chase averaged 584,000 total viewers in eleven episodes which aired from November 2013 to February 2014. 

The six episodes from the first season of The Chase averaged 464,000 total viewers in the summer of 2013.

The following 2014 GSN originals are listed below from highest to lowest in overall ratings for total viewers:

1) The Chase Season 2 (part 2) (January 7-February 4; Tuesdays 8pm): 730,000 total viewers in five episodes. Result: Renewed
2) Skin Wars Season 1 (August 6-September 24; Wednesdays 9pm): 600,000 total viewers in eight episodes. Result: Renewed
3) The Chase Season 3 (July 8-September 2, November 11-December 16; Tuesdays 8pm): 580,000 total viewers in fourteen episodes. Result: Renewed
4) American Bible Challenge Season 3 (May 22-July 17; Thursdays 8pm): 550,000 total viewers in nine episodes. Result: Cancelled
5) Minute to Win It Season 1 (part 2) (February 25-April 29; Tuesdays 8pm): 369,000 total viewers in ten episodes. Result: Cancelled prior to 2014
6) It Takes a Church Season 1 (June 5-July 31; Thursdays 9pm): 368,000 total viewers in eight episodes. Result: Renewed
7) Idiotest Season 1 (August 12-November 18; Tuesdays 9pm): 367,000 total viewers in thirty two epsiodes. Result: Renewed
8) Mind of a Man Season 1 (January 8-February 19; Wednesdays 8pm/February 26-May 14; Wednesdays 10pm): 257,000 total viewers in thirty eight episodes*. Result: Cancelled

*Ratings for the last two episodes of Mind of a Man, which aired on May 14 were never released.


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