Friday, November 21, 2014

When will Steve Harvey 'Feud' tire out? do shows like Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, Richard Karn's Family Feud and Deal or No Deal have in common? They were all modern acquisitions that became #1 in ratings on Game Show Network for a good deal of time at one point, then eventually died off. Steve Harvey's Family Feud is another very popular, very modern acquisition by GSN, but varies from Millionaire, Deal or No Deal and prior versions of Feud.

A commenter here earlier today at GameShowNetworkNews suggested that Steve Harvey's Family Feud will weaken in ratings eventually. Unlike the two most recent versions of Family Feud prior to Harvey, the Richard Karn and John O'Hurley hosted versions, Steve Harvey's edition still has two more seasons to be acquired (the 2013-14 and 2014-15) by GSN. Family Feud has also been renewed for two more seasons beyond the current. 

Steve Harvey-hosted Feud is also different from NBC's Deal or No Deal, NBC's 1 vs. 100 and ABC's Who Wants to be a Millionaire? since all three of those shows ended and were then acquired by GSN, while Harvey Feud continues to produce new episodes.

Steve Harvey's Family Feud currently has 495 episodes circulating around the schedule (165 from the 2010-11 season; 150 from 2011-12; 180 from 2012-13).

Prediction: It will take until at least the next decade (the year 2020) for Steve Harvey's Family Feud to ware really thin. Declines have not been heard of yet for Steve Harvey's Family Feud, where the number of airings per week has continued to climb since its induction to GSN, in March 2012, minus a cutback starting this Sunday morning. It is probable that the 2013-14 season will surface by September 2015 and the 2014-15 season by September 2016, with those two seasons combined, GSN will have a total of approximately 850 episodes on the schedule.

In other words, GSN will depend on Harvey Feud for strong lead-ins and ratings for at least 5 more years.

Cast your opinion on the sidebar poll at top right! No matter how you feel about Family Feud itself or Steve Harvey himself, cast your vote looking at the facts above and the monster ratings it has been getting on GSN in recent years.

Keep in mind that NBC's Deal or No Deal had 196 hour-long episodes, which aired on GSN from June 2009 to the end of 2012 and reached its ratings peak from mid 2009 to early 2011, then surfaced back on GSN periodically but have not been seen on GSN once in 2014. The syndicated version of Deal or No Deal, which consists of over 300 half-hour episodes, are popular on GSN now. The three network seasons of Regis' Millionaire, which consisted of over 350 hour-long episodes was acquired by GSN in August 2003 and aired daily through the mid-2000's. The last time Regis' Millionaire was seen daily on the schedule was for 2 weeks in mid-2011 and a holiday marathon at the end of 2012.

Steve Harvey's Family Feud was acquired by GSN in March 2012 and continues to peak in timeslots and ratings.


  1. Since we have WOW! cable/internet we no longer have GSN since they dropped it due to 'low ratings' back in January. But I continue to follow daily GSN happenings. I think the main overuse problem w/ Harvey Feud is first it double runs in 75% of the markets during first run, which means reruns are circulating within a month in slot #2. Doubling up on runs but not amount of eps hurts from the start. Then 4 months out of the year these eps are rerun for a 3rd time or more. This is all before they show up on GSN, TVLand, BET and Centric. And speaking of lack of variety on GSN, has anyone noticed none of the top 3 current game shows have a spot on their schedule? I'm talking about TPiR, WoF and Jeopardy. If they are paying the big bucks to get Feud, you'd think they could pony up(and play nice w/ Fremantle) to get some Barker and Carey Price. I know TVLand made the statement if Feud was successful they had a deal to bring in classic Price, but judging from the cutback in Feud I'm guessing that's out the window now. Thoughts???

  2. Price would be a good addition to the network, but I doubt they will show it. Jep and Wheel were on the network before, but they took them off for some weird reason. The reason that Harvey Feud is doing so well is because I guess people love Steve, and he is a cash cow for them. Of course there has been many complaints about too much Steve, but why do you think that over the last year or two, more time slots for him had been added?

    I am not saying this to defend Steve, quite honestly, I am getting tired of seeing his first two seasons over and over again. But according to the people who run GSN, they think this to be true. I don't know how they run things, but this is probably why.

    Go ahead, diss me, but I just wanted to give my honest opinion.

    1. Form what I understand getting TPiR back on GSN isn't a matter of money, FreeMante refuses to give the rights to classic Price regardless of how much money they may offer

  3. Harvey Feud will never go away for good.

  4. There are over 200 episodes of Network Deal or No Deal.They had a 200 episode celebration. Howie jumped into a cake, for charity or something.

  5. +Casey Abell, What month and year began airing on GSN of John O'Hurley Family Feud began airing the 2006-2007 season episodes, 2007-2008 season episodes, 2008-2009 season episodes, and 2009-2010 season episodes?

  6. +Casey Abell, What month and year began airing on GSN of John O'Hurley Family Feud began airing the 2006-2007 season episodes, 2007-2008 season episodes, 2008-2009 season episodes, and 2009-2010 season episodes?