Monday, November 10, 2014

Updates: 'Skin Wars', 'Idiotest', 'App Wars', 'Baggage On The Road'

Photo: The one time being an idiot could pay off in a smart way. Apply to be a contestant on #Idiotest! few updates to bring GSNers on this Monday:

Skin Wars and Idiotest are casting for their respective second seasons, with a target premiere date set in May 2015 at this moment. You can easily apply to be on one of these shows at You can also go to the official Idiotest casting website.

Even though this seems like extremely old news to many, GSN's App Wars shot a pilot at the end of August, I found out recently. A GSN staffer, when asked about casting said "We are just shooting the pilot so no guarantee air date.  Yes, it is for GSN." This e-mail is from August 25th.

Photo: That's a wrap for #BaggageOnTheRoad from LSU! Thank you, Tigers! Baggage is headed to #Tampa next… stay tuned.Baggage On The Road finished taping last week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This Baggage reboot, set to air in early 2015 with Springer returning as host, previously filmed episodes in Austin, Texas and will film next in Tampa, Florida.

Lastly, The Chase Season 3, part 2 premieres this Tuesday night at 8pm ET. Five episodes remain in this batch and twenty more new episodes to come soon after the New Year.


  1. Whatever happened to The Line? Ever since it was green-lit in July I've heard nothing about it. Is it going to air next summer?