Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving weekend marathons 2014 2 of 3: Best of 'The Chase' Season 2 today this Thanksgiving Day 2014, Game Show Network will run six episodes of The Chase from its second season. These episodes originally aired in the 2013-14 winter. These episodes of The Chase will run from 1-7pm ET today.

In the morning, GSN will continue with its usual weekly tradition of "Throwback Thursday", adding shows like Blockbusters and Super Password to their morning lineup.


  1. Did anybody get a chance to DVR or record the Match Game Synd. episodes this morning? I completely missed them. This is MatchGameProductions from youtube!!

    1. Not me, but I would keep asking around. I'm sure someone did.

  2. It would make my Thanksgiving. I really hope someone did. I'm so mad!!