Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Since Jerry left the now-official return of Jerry Springer's Baggage in new runs to GSN for the first time in three years, there have definitely been significant changes since Jerry left two and a half years ago.

Let's make up a scenario that Springer has not tuned into GSN at all since the last new episode of Baggage, which aired at the end of May 2012. 

When Baggage last aired on GSN in new runs, The Newlywed Game was almost always the lead-in. Now, The Newlywed Game has not produced a new episode in more than two years but still has major prevalence on the network in reruns. Other shows that were dominant on GSN, including Deal or No Deal, completely disappeared for a while but have made a comeback.

When it comes to original production, when Jerry was on his way out, GSN had a major overhaul of their shows. Baggage, along with Love Triangle, Catch 21, Improv-a-Ganza, 1 vs. 100 and Lingo were all goners while the new faces of American Bible Challenge, Beat the Chefs and The Pyramid were all in development, none of which are still around today (only The Pyramid in a daytime rerun). Now, Jerry will be airing alongside The Chase, Idiotest, Skin Wars and It Takes a Church, amongst several others in development.

Jerry would also notice the massive growth of Steve Harvey's Family Feud and the demise of the Karn and O'Hurley versions. Jerry also has block scheduling now, something that was implemented very late in the original Baggage run.

To recap the original Baggage run, it ran for 3 seasons and 300 episodes (40 from Season 1; 130 from Season 2 and 130 from Season 3). Baggage averaged 473,000 total viewers throughout its first season from its premiere date on April 19, 2010 through June. Baggage ran new episodes at 6:30pm ET Monday-Friday, with The Newlywed Game as a lead-in.  

Baggage was quickly picked up for a Season 2 which premiered August 16, 2010, alongside a fourth season of Catch 21. Baggage remained in new runs for months at 6:30pm weeknights, where episodes regularly saw over 500,000 viewers, typically the highest GSN program of the day. Baggage then moved to 7:30pm weeknights in April 2011 when new series Love Triangle and Improv-a-Ganza came along. The second season of Baggage concluded in the Spring of 2011.

The third season of Baggage premiered June 6, 2011 in the 7:30pm timeslot with the low-rated Love Triangle, then in reruns, as the lead-in. The Newlywed Game replaced Love Triangle in major Late August 2011 GSN schedule changes, where Baggage continued to struggle. Baggage went on hiatus for six months from late September 2011 to March 2012. Baggage returned in new runs on March 14, 2012 only two nights a week, Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm and 6:30pm, at an ill-fated attempt by GSN for "block scheduling." Baggage concluded at the end of May 2012.

Baggage On The Road premieres Wednesday, January 7th at 9pm ET on GSN. The series has been ordered for twenty half-hour episodes.


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