Thursday, November 27, 2014

GSN's development slate 2015: Do these shows sound familiar? week, Game Show Network announced six new projects to their development slate and an update on an additional series, App Wars. Three of these titles are in fact rip-offs of other existing shows, two of which GSN's own ideas.

First up, Steampunk'd, as described in the GSN press release as "a very creative competition series featuring talented artists, designers and inventors who create “Steampunk,” a popular genre of science fiction and fantasy that fuses modern technology and Victorian Age aesthetics to turn everyday objects into works of art." The description of the show suits an elimination format of contestants in each week, just like Skin Wars.

Steampunk'd and Skin Wars sound very alike, but I think it would be dangerous for GSN to have both in the primetime schedule at the same time. It would be ideal for Skin Wars to air its second season for ten weeks in a certain timeslot, then have Steampunk'd premiere the week after the Skin Wars finale in the same timeslot. Given the success of Skin Wars, there is no doubt in my mind that Steampunk'd should be given an eight hour-long episode try.

Bingo Bash, the title itself, just sounds familiar to the former original series Bingo America, which ran in 2008-09. The description of Bingo Bash basically is the television version of the very popular app with the same name from that the network paid millions of dollars to get.

Lastly, this is a comparison that we have had for a while, since App Wars first came about, but it really, really sounds like ABC's Shark Tank, one of their highest rated shows. In the description via GSN, App Wars "features a parade of contestants who present their original app ideas to a panel of three technology industry advisors who will each pick a favorite idea." The show also has three "tech experts" instead of five "sharks."

Out of Steampunk'd, Bingo Bash and App Wars, which sounds most interesting and will you watch?


  1. ill watch DVR to find my 80s shows.

  2. They all sound awful to me. Thankfully, there are numerous other channels from which to choose.