Saturday, November 1, 2014

GSN Error: Celebrity episode of 'The Chase' scheduled to air November 11th OnDemand already

I'll make this very short: On my cable provider, Verizon FIOS, episode number "3012" for The Chase is already OnDemand and is scheduled to air November 11th at 8pm ET, new. The episode number on the advanced schedule matches. Brooke Burns at the beginning of the episode states "Welcome to a special edition of The Chase" and celebrities Boris Kodjoe, Seamus Dever and Dean Cain can be seen behind the podium. This episode is currently on my cable provider, in full. Does anyone else have this?


  1. Minute to win it (Guy's version) used to that on Time Warner cable-on NBC on Demand,years ago.

  2. Spoiler (nothing big):

    A really great episode of The Chase. Also, each celebrity contestant starts out with $5,000 in the Cash Builder Round, since they're playing for charity.

  3. More Scandalous celebrities and teenagers coming soon.

  4. I have Directv. Which, despite being a partial owner of the network, does not carry GSN on demand. They don't carry GSN HD either. Makes wish they would sell their portion of the network to either Sony or Fremantlemedia.

  5. Get you some WOW cable and see how you like it. They dropped GSN from their lineup on Jan 1 due to 'low ratings'. Yes, that was their reasoning.

  6. Off-topic but the November 17-23 schedule is up on Game Show Follies. No changes.

  7. GSN must really be loving the numbers with the recent changes (and the weekend ones especially)

    In the next week of advanced schedules, we will get to offically see the Thanksgiving marathons.

  8. I was hoping The Chase would rerun Tuesdays at 4pm or 6pm, but I guess GSN doesn't want that to happen.

  9. I honestly think that this is the way GSN should do their repeats of Tuesday originals.

    4 to 5 pm: Idiotest
    5 to 6 pm: The Chase

    8 to 9 pm: The Chase
    9 to 10 pm: Idiotest
    Idiotest stays at 10 pm.

    5 pm: The Chase
    Idiotest stays at 6 pm.

    1. Why would it be a good idea for GSN to rerun the Tuesday night originals in the exact same timeslot and order the next night?

      This is referring to the Wednesday night suggestion you have.

  10. Good idea for repeats, but I think The Chase should get one of Harvey's 12 hours on Sunday. Maybe 4pm or 7pm.