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'Family Feud' on TV Land: How is it really performing?
Since September 29th, TV Land, along with BET and Centric have aired Season 14 reruns of Family Feud (the 2012-13 season; the third with Steve Harvey as host; the first HD season). BET and Centric have posed no direct competition with the very numerous GSN Feud reruns, while GSN and TV Land split some airtime in the first three weeks, but none currently thanks to changes from both networks.

Steve Harvey's Family Feud has lit up the Nielsen ratings on GSN for the past two and a half years. Steve Harvey's first season arrived in March 2012, the second in March 2013 and the third in September 2014. Traditionally on Game Show Network, late afternoon and primetime reruns of Steve Harvey's Family Feud range from 350,000 to 600,000 total viewers, in comparison to the overall GSN primetime average which hovers around 350,000 viewers. Latenight GSN Feud runs average between 200,000 and 400,000 total viewers, where the GSN total day average hovers around 250,000 viewers. In other words, Steve Harvey's Family Feud has done nothing but raise GSN viewer averages.

The primetime average for TV Land prior to Family Feud arriving on their schedule was 585,000 viewers for Monday-Friday 8-11pm ET for the entire third quarter (June 30-September 26, Mon-Fri only). During the week of September 15-21 alone, prior to Family Feud appearing on TVLand, the primetime average for all seven days, 8-11pm ET was 498,000 total viewers.

Since Steve Harvey's Family Feud has surfaced on the TVLand schedule, the primetime averages have been 520,000 viewers (September 29-October 5), 539,000 viewers (October 6-12), 581,000 viewers (October 13-19) and 428,000 viewers (October 27-November 2). It does not appear Steve has really helped TV Land ratings and in that last week of numbers ratings were well down from the usual.

TV Land Family Feud numbers:
October 3 9:30pm: 643,000 viewers (compared to the 520K primetime average)
October 7 8:00pm: 489,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 7 8:30pm: 601,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 7 9:00pm: 696,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 8 8:00pm: 607,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 8 8:30pm: 603,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 8 9:00pm: 647,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 13 8:00pm: 361,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 13 8:30pm: 416,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 13 9:00pm: 483,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 14 8:00pm: 645,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 14 8:30pm: 719,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 14 9:00pm: 766,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 15 8:00pm: 513,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 15 8:30pm: 616,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 15 9:00pm: 579,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 21 8:20pm: 363,000 viewers
October 22 8:20pm: 233,000 viewers
October 24 8:20pm: 355,000 viewers
October 28 8:20pm: 265,000 viewers (compared to the 428K primetime average)
November 4 8:20pm: 430,000 viewers

Reruns of Steve Harvey's Family Feud premiered on BET, Centric and TV Land on the same date, September 29th.

Originally on TV Land, Steve Harvey's Family Feud aired in three slots, Monday through Friday from 8-9:30pm. Then, only three weeks into the reruns and still effective currently, Family Feud is limited to only one primetime slot all five weeknights on the TV Land schedule from 8:20-9pm. On weekends, Steve Harvey's Family Feud has been cut back in recent weeks from 5 hours of airtime last week to 4 hours this week and next week to 3 hours in late Saturday afternoons.

On BET, Family Feud originally aired at 9am and 9:30am weekdays, but has since been reduced to a solo 9am slot.

Centric is the only cable network other than GSN that has gained its airings of Steve Harvey's Family Feud in recent weeks. Feud originally aired from 4-5pm weekdays but has recently gained the 3:30pm slot. Centric also has various airings of The Steve Harvey Show around the schedule. The two must benefit each other.

Steve Harvey's Family Feud only has phenomenal numbers on GSN, which is why Steve's version of Feud alone occupies 48 hours a week of the schedule. Meanwhile on TV Land, Feud numbers started out strong but it seems that the change in airtime and more commercial time during the Feud episodes hurt more than help.

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Sources: Douglas Pucci/SonoftheBronx; TV Newser


  1. I have some things that I would like to get off my chest.

    1. I am honestly getting sick of "There's too much Harvey on GSN." Simply put, if you don't like it, don't watch it. Also, Steve is the biggest ratings grabber for the network and you can see why his runs have gotten a crapload of airings since his debut. I am a Harvey fan, so I watch both the new airings for this season, and from his past seasons. So, bottom line, don't like it, don't turn it on. Although I admit the first two seasons with him are old by now.

    2. I am noticing some "bullying" on this website. In one article, a stroke victim was being attacked all because he made a typo. Secondly, I am seeing some racist comments about the black hosts. For example, a commenter on today's article called Wendy Williams, who is the host of Love Triangle, ugly. If this was a smoking hot white girl, (I'm white by the way) no one would be complaining. But if it is a black girl hosting, they start to bitch. Keep your opinions about black people to yourself. I support black people and am offended by this.

    3. Think before you comment. I say this because also on today's article, someone said that Idiotest should be canceled. Yeah, last week's article mentioned Idiotest getting renewed for a second year. Don't be an idiot and think the opposite. On your comments, don't be ignorant, racist, and cocky about the thing you are about to say.

    Off topic, but I felt like these should be discussed.

    1. 1. If you don't like reading people complain about Harvey, then don't come here.

      2. Multiple people have already pointed out that no one was "bullying" a stroke victim because of a typo. BEFORE ANYONE EVEN KNEW IT WAS A STROKE VICTIM, comments were made because that person referred to the "semi-colon key" as a "dot over comma key," which is ridiculous and was undoubtedly going to get a reaction out of people.

      3. I'm white too, and I have nothing against black people or any other race, but Wendy Williams is ugly and looks like a man, in my opinion. I'd have said that no matter what color or race she is. I'm entitled to that opinion, no matter how much you disagree.

      You wanted these things discussed. There, you have discussion.

    2. By the way, calling someone "ugly" is not racist. It might be a RUDE comment, but rude does not equal racist.

    3. Wendy williams is obnoxious gossip mongering egotistic ass. She looks like a man in drag. I will run to the tv to turn her show off. Steve Harvey is cool

  2. I don't buy that that person was a stroke victim. I don't pretend to be a neurologist but I do know a stroke mostly causes motor damage, I don't think it causes people to forget the term "semicolon". If they had a brain fart and forgot the word "semicolon", hey brain farts happen, I'm certainly not immune to them, but in my opinion it's better to own up to it and admit you forgot the word. Instead of owning up to a harmless brain fart or admitting they don't know the term (which would be cause for concern but at least honest), they claimed they were a stroke victim and that caused the "typo" when that wasn't what got them called out

  3. The problem I have with Harvey Feud, as do most of the detractors on this blog I suspect, is that it's invading the entire schedule. The variety we loved on the network is disappearing at an alarming rate. Harvey Feud makes up the first 8 hours of programming every Sunday. 8 goddamn hours! I don't know how anyone could sit through 16 consecutive episodes of one show on a weekly basis

  4. I'll cover lots of stuff from these comments. First, I think % wise we have wayyyyyy to much Harvey Feud. If you recorded every possible daily ep on the 4 networks it airs, plus local broadcast which has up to 4 eps per day, you could basically watch nothing but Feud in all your waking hours. Keep in mind what happened to Millionaire and Deal and get back to me in another year or so.

    Next, I do believe the lady who said she was a stroke victim, because she gave so much info. You're hidden behind a computer screen, so why worry about being called out. She could have ignored it as it was an anonymous post.

    And I didn't take anything racist from the ugly comment. Most of the rest of the post had more of a racist tone. I probably wouldn't use the term in my post, but I'm sure if someone like Rosie O was hosting he probably would have made the same comment if he didn't know her by name. And on a racial(not racist) note, it is true that comparing the avg. population % numbers of white vs. black in America(slightly over 10% of total pop.), the #s are skewed way toward the black population lately in many fields. Check daytime talk hosts, game show hosts, sports and the music charts. I'm willing to bet 80% of the current Hot 100 is either a black artist or features a black artist. I'm not complaining but I don't understand how a culture can complain about not being treated fairly these days. And yes, I'm a pasty white guy...not a racist, just looking at reality. That's my bonus off topic rant.

    1. "Keep in mind what happened to Millionaire and Deal and get back to me in another year or so."

      Keep in mind that Harvey Feud is drastically different than the two examples you gave. Harvey Feud continues to grow in ratings and produce new episodes, something that the network versions of Deal or No Deal and 1 vs. 100 did not have during their time on GSN (both shows premiered on GSN in June 2009).

      Unlike network Deal or No Deal and 1 vs. 100, a lot of Feud outcomes, questions and even families blend in. There are also 450+ episodes of Harvey Feud to circulate the schedule, about 350 more of O'Hurley and two more existing seasons of Harvey Feud yet to be acquired by GSN.

      You know, posters around the internet, whether on forums or blogs like these said stuff like "Harvey Feud will be gone or nearly gone in a year" back in September 2012 when GSN inserted two hours of Steve's Feud to latenights (1-3am ET). Throughout time, Harvey Feud has gained many more airings around the schedule and that latenight block remained intact for nearly two years (and the 1am hour still remains).

      Steve Harvey's Family Feud is NOT leaving GSN anytime soon, and I don't see any type of mass reductions either like you are suggesting.

  5. BET and Centric actually have the rights to the 2014-15 season of Feud. Not sure how or why.

    Feud on BET lost 9:30am to reruns of the popular 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I wouldn't be surprised if Feud left BET in favor of another episode of Fresh Prince. Feud seems to be working on Centric, but I don't have that channel.

    Feud on TV Land has been cut back lately, it's lead in is the popular 60s-70s sitcom Hogan's Heroes, which starred Richard Dawson. While the rest of TV Land's prime time lineup consist of popular 90s-00s sitcoms Everybody Loves Raymond and Friends, which generally do better on TV Land. On weekends, TV Land airs Feud Saturdays from 6pm-9pm and Sundays from 9am-noon. So on weekends, GSN and TV Land still air Feud at the same time. If GSN doesn't want that to happen, they could cut back Feud on weekends. Even if it's more sherriwed like it is on Monday and Thursday nights. If TV Land wants to get rid of Feud altogether, which I hope they do, then they have plenty of other shows they could pit in its place. I've always thought that Seinfeld would be a good addition to the TV Land lineup.

    If GSN cuts back on Feud on weekends, here's what I could see happening.

    9am-6pm Harvey Feud
    6pm-8pm Sherriwed

    9am-noon Ohno MTWI
    noon-5pm Harvey Feud

    I think Ohno MTWI could work on Sunday mornings leading up to the NFL, and on Saturdays, I'll do almost anything to get rid of Love Triangle.

    1. Please believe me when I say: GSN is NOT cutting back Family Feud on Saturday or Sunday. The Feud mega marathons are the reason GSN has been ranking higher than usual in the total day numbers out of all cable networks.

    2. I didn't think GSN would cut back, but I do believe TV Land should remove Feud from their weekend lineup. There's plenty of other shows TV Land could air during that time.

      Now to get off topic: FOX is reviving 5th Grader, Jeff Foxworthy is returning as host. Now would be a really good time for GSN to acquire Syndie 5th Grader. Since Jeff Foxworthy is doing 5th Grader again, that probably even more confirms that The American Bible Challenge has been cancelled.

    3. I read that on a Fox forum but didn't want to break the news before a site like this broke the news officially. The word is it will vary from the traditional fifth grader to offer higher levels of competition, therefore bringing in jr high and school for 6th-12th grades.
      And I agree w/ the guy saying Feud will get very tired very soon. With so many options you only have so many potential viewers who WANT to watch. I don't dislike the show, but I do dislike the constant barrage of Harvey Feud. I'm guessing the ratings cliff dive before next summer(or they cut back on the weekly amount of showings).

    4. This is very cool news! I hope it doesn't mean 'How Long Can You Hold Your Breath' has been put on hold. Maybe they could run them back to back on Fridays.

    5. I have heard 5th Grader is being revived with Foxworthy returning as host for a third time (including the syndicated version). This is a great idea by FOX but I highly doubt GSN will bring back American Bible Challenge.

      It's also very doubtful (but not impossible) that GSN would re-acquire FOX's 5th Grader or acquire syndie 5th Grader. But with those two, if GSN wanted to bring them (back) to the network, they would have by now.

      GSN should not have exiled 5th Grader from the schedule in the first place. I bet this new version will surface on GSN someday, years from now.

    6. 'How Long Can You Hold Your Breath'

      Do you mean Utopia? Masterchef Jr? I do not know what airs on FOX on Fridays

    7. It is actually something Fox was tossing around over the summer. It originated from Lithuania or some small country w/ odd TV. People compete in a group of 10 to see who can hold their breath longest, then again in a group of 9, etc. It has lawsuit and untimely death written all over it, but for shock TV it might work. I origanlly heard they game it a 9 ep order, then summer came and went w/ nothing. Now that Utopia got the early axe I figured it might reappear.

    8. I don't think they would use 6-12 graders, unless they were to change the name of the show which I doubt will happen. As for The American Bible Challenge, I don't see it returning except for a possible Christmas marathon.

      You said if GSN wanted 5th Grader back on the schedule, it would've happened by now. You said the same thing last year about Deal or No Deal, and now it airs 3 hours a day.

      Getting rid of 5th Grader was a dumb move by GSN. I think the new version should be acquired someday as long as it's not a 1 season flop.

  6. I understand the frustration over Harvey's Feud occupying so much of the GSN schedule, as I feel the same way. However, GSN is simply making the best decision from a business standpoint by choosing to air it so often. GSN, like it or not, is a business just like any other business and has to do what rakes in the ratings and money as opposed to what appeases die-hard classic game show fans and fans of variety (like myself). Harvey's Feud been run incessantly and has polluted the schedule for the last two years, and yet the show still pulls in dynamite ratings for the network; therefore, the show is going nowhere nor is its airtime going to be reduced anytime soon. Bottom line: You may not like this, but you can't blame GSN for simply making a wise business decision - they are simply striking while the Harvey iron is hot.

  7. TV Land's numbers on Harvey Feud are crapping because of the lead-ins.
    Hogans Heroes with Richard Dawson is certainly not lighting up the ratings.
    If TV Land sandwiched Harvey Feud between 2 Raymonds, I'd think it would do better,

    1. And I am sad about this becuz when FF was announced for 'The Land', the original release said they had an option for other shows such as TPiR reruns if Feud was successful. Now it looks like that might be out the window.