Thursday, November 13, 2014

Discussion: Will we see a repeat of high ratings for 'The Chase' like last winter?

Last winter, if you recall, ratings for new episodes of Game Show Network's The Chase skyrocketed. This year, The Chase has returned in the same timeslot, the same time of year and the network overall has higher total viewership year to year.

Last winter, the second season of The Chase USA aired on GSN from November 5 to February 4, with a two week break from Christmas and New Years. The first part of the season, the November and December episodes, averaged 461,000 total viewers. The second part of the season, which aired all through January and the first week of February, averaged 730,000 total viewers, with a zenith of 827,000 viewers on January 28th.

The Chase USA set.
Last year's November cycle of The Chase returned with 453,000 total viewers, which was the Season 2 premiere. This year's cycle, a mid-season premiere, returned with 610,000 total viewers just the other night. This year around while The Chase is starting mid-season, the current cycle of episodes will conclude mid-December. But, a new season of The Chase, consisting of twenty episodes is expected to premiere in January. This seems very similar to last year.

Keep in mind, GSN is averaging more primetime viewers overall than last year, around a 10% increase year-to-year (and a 11% in total day year-to-year), which definitely benefits for the sake of more people seeing advertisements for GSN's original programming, such as The Chase.

The real test for total viewers will be the next new episode, next Tuesday at 8pm ET, since the episode that just aired was a celebrity episode.

Discussion: Was the celebrity episode a ratings hoax or is The Chase going to set record breaking viewers this Winter, like last year?

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  1. I don't know if it will go higher than its record of 827k, but I do expect ratings to improve.