Sunday, November 23, 2014

'Baggage On The Road' premieres January 7th of Game Show Network's latest original productions, Baggage On The Road, will premiere Wednesday, January 7th at 9pm ET on Game Show Network.

This Baggage revival is a traveling game show, hence the extension "On The Road". Baggage On The Road filmed episodes in Tampa (FL), Baton Rouge (LSU students) and Austin (TX). Jerry Springer is returning as host.

Baggage with Jerry Springer ran on GSN for three seasons (300 episodes) from April 2010 to May 2012 and has carried strong ratings in reruns since. The 2010-12 episodes of Baggage currently air weeknights at 12am, 12:30am, 2am and 2:30am ET and weekend latenights as well. Due to the successful ratings in reruns since the original series ended, GSN published a casting call, then greenlit 20 half-hour episodes in September and all episodes were filmed in separate cities during the fall months.

Steve Harvey's Family Feud currently occupies the timeslot that Baggage On The Road will occupy in six weeks. At this point in time, The Chase will have ended its third season while Idiotest could be the potential lead-in with eight new episodes still yet to air (and are apparently not airing this December).


  1. Here's what I think the prime time lineup will look like on January 7.

    8:00pm Family Feud (Harvey)
    8:30pm Family Feud (Harvey)
    9:00pm Baggage on the Road (new)
    9:30pm Baggage on the Road (new)
    10:00pm Idiotest (new)
    10:30pm Idiotest (new)

  2. I've been reading this blog for better than a year and I must commend the author for fully explaining the pros and cons of the subject and not sugar coating with lots of smoke and mirrors. Many times those involved will lead an article to fill the slot with unauthorized or unsubstantiated material that gives you the impression that the aforementioned information has been taken from bringing it from a source that could be less than reliable based on many factors that can be explained by doing an online search. Hopefully this will continue for years to come and this site will prosper with continued viewership.

    1. Yes, because the author of this blog NEVER fills space with conjecture or anything else that isn't just his opinion. Right. *rolls eyes*

  3. I'm thinking about tossing a new idea to GSN...Naked Baggage! They start out behind the cases. then reveal their dicks and vaginas after the first round. All the other naked shows do well, so this should be a perfect match.Any thoughts???