Friday, November 21, 2014

Advance schedule for December 1-7 now available

December 1-7 (courtesy of GSN/Casey Abell)

*Steve Harvey's Family Feud retakes the 12pm hour weekdays.
*On Thursday, Tattletales will rerun from 12-1pm; the same episodes from Sunday 11/30.
*The Chase and Idiotest return with new episodes on Tuesday night, 8-10pm.
*NBC's Deal or No Deal returns to the schedule weekdays at 5pm at the first episode; replacing syndicated Deal or No Deal. Syndicated Deal or No Deal remains weekdays at 11am, 11:30am, 4pm, 4:30pm and Sunday 9am-12pm.
*There is no "rarity" this Sunday night (12/7).

All Times Eastern


  1. I wish I knew why GSN is only keeping Karn Feud on for one week, which really does not make sense. I mean, what if it ends up getting decent ratings? If it does, GSN really needs to consider keeping Karn in the noon hour on weekdays, like someone else on a previous post suggested. I guess we'll have to wait and see how he does next week.

    1. I know why. You've been told this before. HARDLY ANYONE PREFERS KARN FEUD TO OTHER VERSIONS OF FEUD. Take note: You are in the VAST MINORITY. Get that through your head. Be thankful that you got to see it for one week.

  2. Here's why:

    Harvey Feud ratings > Karn Feud ratings.....always.

    GSN, if you haven't be noticing, has been replacing their older shows with very modern shows. Deal or No Deal replaced Shop 'Til You Drop; Harvey Feud replaced Karn Feud (in several places); Love Triangle replaced Blockbusters, Press Your Luck and Whammy!; Newlywed Game replaced 1 vs. 100; etc.

  3. I have to agree with Scott. He did mention in one of the earlier posts that if GSN wanted to keep Karn, he would have stayed on Sunday afternoons. Funny, Syndie Deal is being replaced by NBC's Deal. Deal remains at 5, it is just the hour version. And also, this also marks the return of a million dollar game show in less than a month and a half on GSN.

  4. Idiotest is marked as a rerun on 12/2.

    1. Right you are. Either:

      a) GSN is waiting until after the New Year to air the remaining 8 Idiotest episodes or...
      b) There were some episodes filmed that had bad gameplay/contestant that GSN has deemed "unairable", just like some runs of The Pyramid.

  5. December 1st marks the 20th anniversary of GSN. I hope we see some classics for the month of December.

  6. Looks like GSN is now airing Jimmie Walker Match Game Synd. episodes.
    We will see #94-95 on Thanksgiving Morning with:

    Jon Bauman, BS, CNR, Charlene Tilton, BD, and PDA

    December 1st Week has:
    Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, Dolly Martin, DM, and BW

    Wesley Eure, BS, CNR, DS, Bob Barker, and MW will also air in complete.


    1. The frist two episodes of the Wesley Eure week will air, but the Thursday episode looks like it is still skipped. Probably tape damage; it was also skipped along with the Monday and Tuesday episodes in the past.

  7. The Chase is also marked as a rerun for 12/2 as well.

  8. If Idiotest is a rerun on 12/2, then that means that it could be on a hiatus. If it is, I think the show needs it because the show has been showing new episodes straight since its August 12th premiere. Maybe Idiotest wants to continue its new episodes through 2015.

  9. The last show that did well in the 5pm hour was NBC Deal or No Deal, so they're trying that again.

    Another change, since Idiotest is not new, it no longer airs Tuesdays at 5pm, Deal or No Deal airs there as well.

    1. Can someone give me a list of all the shows GSN has tried in the 5pm hour since Deal or No Deal in 2012?

      Has it gone something like 5th Grader, Harvey Feud (but departed since it had great numbers and moved to later, better timeslots), O'Hurley/Harvey Feud, Minute to Win It (Fieri), Minute to Win It (Ohno), Karn Feud, O'Hurley Feud again, Shop 'Til You Drop, Newlywed Game, then syndie Deal or No Deal, and now NBC's Deal or No Deal.

      Something like that?

    2. Here's the list of shows from the 5pm hour and when they were there.

      March-April 2012: 5th Grader.
      April-May 2012: Harvey Feud.
      June-August 2012: Karn/O'Hurley Feud.
      September 2012-February 2013: Minute to Win It.
      February-November 2013: O'Hurley Feud.
      December 2013-January 2014: Karn Feud.
      January-March 2014: STYD.
      March-April 2014: 1 vs 100.
      April-June 2014: Sherriwed.
      June-October 2014: STYD.
      October-November 2014: Syndie DOND.
      December 2014-?: NBC DOND.

  10. Jeez, the show that has lasted the longest at 5 pm was O Hurley Feud. He must have produced good numbers.

  11. As many of you know, Wesley Eure was the original host of Finders Keepers.

  12. Did anybody record the Match Game Synd. episodes this morning? My DVR did not record it