Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A rant: Response to last night's 'Idiotest' final round

I was not home in time to see The Chase last night on GSN but I did see the majority of both episodes of Idiotest
Last night's back-to-back Idiotest episodes both had different end games than the previous episodes. The normal end game is where one contestant comes out (with the other backstage), has 30 seconds to solve the puzzle on the board, and whatever time is left in that 30 seconds remains for their partner (the first contestant is not allowed to help the second). If both contestants touch the correct answer, they earn a total of $10,000, the maximum. If one contestant touches the correct answer, the pair wins $1,000 plus money from the prior rounds. If neither contestant touches the correct answer, they both leave with only the money from the prior rounds.
Last night was completely different, and completely worse. Instead of one contestant playing at a time, both contestants played. To win the $10,000, 5 puzzles had to be solved in 60 seconds. These were multiple choice/multiple answer questions. For every incorrect answer tapped on each puzzle, 5 seconds would be deducted. You would only win $500 per correct puzzle.

SPOILER: Neither team won the $10,000, in fact they both incredibly failed. Each pair in each episode only got to the second or third puzzle.
It is also something to note that the two episodes that aired last night were the first two episodes ever produced. The 2nd episode aired at 9pm and the 1st episode ever (basically a pilot) aired at 9:30pm. 
It appears that GSN has tried the same strategy with Idiotest as they did with The Pyramid: Air the worst episodes last and the best of the best first. It does make sense, but I do not like watching these episodes. They're awful.

These were very early Idiotest episodes, and I am glad these problems were solved in the remaining 30-something episodes, or else Idiotest would not have stood a chance for a second season with last night's end game.

Did anyone else see these episodes and did you also think the end game was horrible?


  1. The end game was the worst of all end games. Glad they changed it because this would have been impossible for the team to win the money.

  2. GSN probably didn't want the pilot episode to go to waste, so they decided to air it.

    Now to get off topic. According to my TV Guide, the week of December 1, it still shows Karn Feud in the noon hour. Don't know if that's accurate or not.

  3. Well, Casey said that Karn Feud was just only for a week. But with GSN, who knows with their schedule since they like to shuffle it around a lot.

  4. I wish I had discovered this posting about those two IDIOTEST episodes in question much sooner...when these episodes aired back in November, I mistakenly thought that the horrific "changes" to the bonus round were a NEW feature of the show, rather than a bad mistake fixed in the early moments of the series...but as a result of my misunderstanding what I had watched, I haven't watched any of the IDIOTEST episodes that have aired since November 18...I was so disappointed and turned off by what I saw that I didn't want to waste my time on any future episodes. I am very pleased to find that I was wrong and I'm looking forward to watching future shows as well as catch up on any I missed in the meantime.