Monday, October 20, 2014

Report: 'Monopoly Millionaires' Club' to air on GSN starting in February; 'Baggage On The Road' tickets

A syndicated game show named Monopoly Millionaire's Club, which is an interactive lottery game show hosted by the New York Lottery, will reportedly air on Game Show Network starting in February. 22 states will participate. No details on number of episodes, 30 minute/60 minute episodes or host at this moment.

In addition to upcoming shows on Game Show Network, tickets for Baggage On The Road are now available. Baggage On The Road, which was green-lit for 20 half-hour episodes by GSN last month previously filmed in Austin and is filming in Baton Rouge, L.A., St. Pete's Beach, F.L. and Waterbury, C.T. Monopoly Millionaires' Club will be hosted by Billy Gardell from Mike & Molly. Fairly big name attached to this show.


  1. None of this is news. All the details about the show have been all over the Internet for a while. This Newsday story is typical...

  2. I thought this was originally announced as a weekly syndicated series? Anyone w/o cable or w/ WOW cable won't be able to watch, which being a lottery show will take all the fun out of playalong. And I really hope Billy has more personality hosting than his celeb guest shots on Name Game. I've had more fun watching paint dry.

  3. As the Daily News story says, and as stories dating back to June have said, the show will air in syndication and on GSN. By the way, the show will be tailored to each participating state with custom programming inserts. Scads of stories about this show have been all over the web for months now.

    1. Your comments make sense. Not a huge fan of lottery game shows since their peak w/ the IL, OH and CA productions 15-20 years ago, which were surprisingly high quality, considering the budget and local production. Haven't read much more than host and planned premiere. This was the first I'd heard of the tie in w/ GSN and state customization.

    2. At least there is a million dollar game show returning to GSN. And GSN actually got a well known celebrity to host the show, since he is one of the main stars of a hit CBS sitcom. Finally, I have never seen a lottery type game show on the network. Unique.

  4. Typical misinformation. It's not from the NY lottery, more than 22 states are participating, it's 60 minutes and GSN had nothing to do with the host. It's a rerun for them, just like Family Feud.

  5. I misunderstood. Sorry about that.

  6. Any news yet on what states will or won't be participating?

    1. Participating lotteries
      District of Columbia
      New Hampshire
      New Jersey
      New Mexico
      New York
      North Carolina
      Rhode Island
      South Dakota

      Expected to join in 2015
      North Dakota
      West Virginia

    2. Is their a list avalible for united states that won't be ab;e to watch this new show?

    3. sorry the word up their should be 'able'. i hit the dot over coma key accidently.

    4. It's called a semi-colon lol. And I doubt cable/satellite companies will black out GSN's reruns just because their state isn't participating. The big question of course is which state's version will GSN show? Especially considering California hasn't confirmed their state lottery will participate

    5. Also, you meant "the word up there" not "the word up their." But I have to ask--"dot over comma (not coma) key"?? Are you freakin' serious??

    6. Sorry since my stroke back in 2010 i have issues with motor skills. i will try to do better. i hardly ever post up becuase of this.

    7. While you're arguing about typos, I will try to answer the question. I think it originally runs on weekends in the states that are selling lottery tickets and then reruns during weekdays on GSN throughout the entire US. But I'm not sure. I would be surprised if GSN blocks the transmission to some of its homes. And I think that they're doing a national edition for GSN so it wouldn't be any specific state.

    8. Thanks for your input, it clears up what we should expect. And to Mr. Stroke Guy, if you have problems communicating with others you should stay off forums. Your comments are borderline incomprehensible and waste hundreds of people's time and blog space. Maybe you can find a stroke blog and talk with others who also write like a 5 year old.

    9. There are a lot of dumb comments in blogs all over the internet. The one that's above takes the cake. To the moron that wrote it, I hope you never have a stroke. I hope you suffer something far worse that robs you of your ability to communicate or move or live a positive quality of life. Mr Stroke Guy, please continue to participate in this forum and don't let a moron who has problem with typos scare you away. Your comments don't waste hundreds of people's time here. There are only six of us reading anything.

    10. He's probably bullshitting about having a stroke. Even if he did have a stroke, I seriously doubt that would cause him to not know the word "semicolon". Typos happen, that's not what invited the criticism, what got him criticized was saying "the period over coma" button

    11. it should be mrs. stroke but no big deal. i learn over the last 4 years people are cruel. for 2 years i barely could walk or talk and made a lot of improvemnet. sometimes my brain cant process a word like my comma comment. and some days are worse than others. i wish the same thing for the guy who put up the mean comments. take one day in my shoes and you see it all diferent. i'm 46 and at 42 i had a nice job and one day it all changed. now i barely get by on my husband income and some disability that support us and 2 teen boys. do u need any more proof?

    12. Don't let that idiot bother you. He's all tough as an anonymous person on the other side of a keyboard. Everyone else here welcomes you and hopefully provides you a community of support. If watching a game show gives you a bit of enjoyment, don't let stupid people take that away. I've been blessed with good health my whole life. I wish you nothing but the best Mrs. Stroke

    13. thanks for your kind comments. i find game shows very enjoyable. really like the old ones during the morning. the new stuff not so much. the stuff aim at the hip hop crowd not for me. having my own business for 20 years i never got to see much day tv so now i can watch, relax and enjoy and get better day by day.

    14. I agree with the comment regarding typos vs. period over comma button. It's not a typo that got people going. Those happen all the time. It's the not knowing what a semicolon is. If you don't know what a semi-colon is, then it's kind of difficult to take anything else you say seriously. And to the big, tough "anonymous" guy who loves to throw around the words "stupid," "dumb," and "idiot," your comments aren't really helping anyone. Namecalling goes nowhere on these things. Get over it.

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  7. I wonder what night of the week this will air. Hopefully it'll replace an airing of Harvey Feud.