Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'Idiotest' renewed for 65-episode second season

https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/499966710078652416/2qq0VaVY.jpegGame Show Network has renewed Idiotest for a 65 episode second season. Ben Gleib will return as host and producer. These episodes will remain half-hour episodes, where the first season consisted of 40 episodes, which nearly half still have yet to air.

This is the third new series for the game show network to renew this year, next to It Takes a Church and Skin Wars. Within recent months, GSN has also renewed The Chase for a fourth season, green-lit 20 episodes of Baggage On The Road, filmed traveling game show The Line and rumors about revivals of their own original series High Stakes Poker and Chain Reaction have surfaced, but nothing has come out officially.

Since its August 12th premiere, Idiotest has averaged 360,000 total viewers in its 24 episodes aired to date and has shown fantastic 18-49 numbers in the demographic and has grown 82% among female 18-49 viewers against what has previously aired in that timeslot.

Idiotest is the first half-hour GSN original to make it to a second season since Baggage back in 2010. In other words, it has been more than four years since GSN has renewed a new half-hour original for a second season. Since then, in this order, 1 vs. 100, Love Triangle, Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza, Lingo, The Pyramid, Family Trade and Mind of a Man. have not made it to second seasons.

Idiotest airs NEW Tuesday nights at 9pm and 9:30pm ET.


  1. Wow! I absolutely can believe the renewal of a second season for the new game show called the Idiot Test with Ben Gleib! Its such an Awesome Show!!!

  2. I'm actually surprised, well not really because as I read above, it had some great numbers in the 18-49 demographic, and also well with female viewers.

  3. You see Mind Of A Man, that is how you get renewed, a decent amount of viewers, original concept, and it actually challenges you, not that trashy crap you call a game show.

  4. The last time GSN ordered 65 episodes of anything was the final season of sherriwed, which aired new episodes for 2 hours. I wonder how the new episodes of Idiotest will air. Will they be listed as half hour shows or will they be listed as an hour long show like it is now? If they claim it to be an hour long show, then they've really only green-lit 32 episodes.

    1. It is 65 half-hour episodes but for some reason when it comes to T.V. Listings and online scheduling, GSN likes listing two half-hour episodes as hour long, most likely since hour long originals have done well recently while 30 min. have not.

    2. I know it's 65 half-hour episodes, but if if all the schedules list it as an hour long show, then it would technically only be 32 episodes. I wouldn't be surprised if Baggage on the Road appears on the schedule as an hour long show, which would mean that it would appear to be 10 episodes. It's they're fault if half-hour shows have not done well, Family Trade had no chance of surviving, and Mind of a Man focused so much on humor and penis jokes, even more so than Harvey Feud. The Pyramid had a terrible lead in (Minute to Win It in the 5pm hour, also known as the death slot) which prevented a second season.

  5. Awful move. Hate the show and hate the smug host.

    In my TV listings, they show idiotest as hour long from 9-10 and whenever it gets rerunned. The only time it was listed at half hour was the first week of shows.