Tuesday, October 28, 2014

GSN primetime average up 3% week to week; total day down 3%

For the week of October 20-26, GSN averaged 355,000 total viewers in primetime (8-11pm ET, all 7 days) and 283,000 total viewers for the total day category (8am-4am ET, all 7 days). The primetime average is up 3% from last week's 345,000 viewers and the total day average is down 3% from last week's 293,000 viewers.

This comes off GSN's schedule overhaul which started on Monday, October 13th. Most of the changes included an extra hour of Steve Harvey's Family Feud early afternoons every weekday, several more hours of Steve Harvey's Family Feud to weekends and the removal of Let's Ask America (except for latenights) and other under-performing shows.

Additionally, on October 20th, Shop 'Til You Drop left the schedule and was replaced by Deal or No Deal. This change did not seem to help the daytime number.

The primetime average is at its highest in seven weeks (September 1-7, which averaged 392,000 viewers) and the total day average, with the exception of last week is at its highest since the week of March 17th-23rd (which also averaged 283,000 viewers).


  1. Deal or No Deal is not doing well in the 5pm hour. Might I suggest that nothing works there. I believe that Bill Bellamy's Let's Ask America will air in the 5pm hour once GSN starts showing it in January.

    1. I never said Deal or No Deal was not doing well in the 5pm hour, it's just that the total day number fell from the prior week. Anyway, the Deal or No Deal change only takes up 4 out of 138 total hours of the "total day" number, so there is no real way of telling.

    2. Also, I believe there is a rule where Let's Ask America is not allowed to air in or near the certain hours it airs new in syndication. That's why we originally only saw Let's Ask America in early daytime, late nights and weekends.

      The numbers bombed anyway.

    3. GSN has tried many shows in the 5pm hour over the last few years (5th Grader, Family Feud, Minute to Win It, Shop til You Drop, 1 vs 100, The Newlywed Game, and Deal or No Deal) and nothing has really done that well. If DOND bombs at 5pm, GSN might as well air local news in that hour. Oh, Daylight Savings Time ends this Saturday, so this week there's 139 hours of programming.

      If Let's Ask America can only air at certain times, then I really don't see it doing well in January unless Bill Bellamy is a magical ratings getter like Steve Harvey. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if both versions of Let's Ask America leave the schedule sometime next year.

    4. If Deal or No Deal underperforms in the 5pm, I believe it would be because

      a) It already airs two hours earlier in daytime (11am and 4pm)
      b) The 5pm runs are reruns of the 11am runs

      I would rather see Catch 21 get a double-run at 2pm, give The Pyramid a 4pm slot and leave Deal or No Deal at 4:30, 5 and 5:30pm ET. Or, give Catch 21 another airing somewhere in the 4-6pm ET window.

      I would also like to see O'Hurley and Harvey Feud switch hours at 12pm and 1pm (with O'Hurley at 12pm and Harvey at 1pm). Makes more sense, since I like a flow of classic to very modern.

    5. If I were GSN, I would put Super Password in the 11am hour, Woolery Lingo in the noon hour, Engvall Lingo at 2pm, and Catch 21 in the 5pm hour.

  2. If GSN takes off Deal at 5 pm because it might not be doing well, I'm afraid we might be tortured with another hour of Harvey Feud.

  3. I'd be okay with Harvey Feud airing in the 5pm hour, but only if they take it out of the noon hour first. I think GSN should put Woolery Lingo in the noon hour, it did well when it aired there earlier this year.

  4. I think Harvey Feud will produce good numbers in the primetime. I think they should remove Harvey at noon and maybe put like what you said, Woolery Lingo, or maybe bring back 5th Grader, that produced good numbers before they took it off for no reason.

  5. I have no idea why GSN got rid of 5th Grader, but I think it might have something to do with what eventually led to the cancellation of The American Bible Challenge. I've said it before, but I really don't feel like saying that again. I wish GSN would acquire Syndie 5th Grader, though I doubt that's gonna happen.