Monday, October 6, 2014

Danica McKellar piloting game show for GSN

Danica McKellar, 39
Danica McKellar (actress, film director, author) is obviously shooting a game show pilot for Game Show Network.

McKellar piloting a game show for GSN was featured in a CBS News article, towards the bottom stating "McKellar, meanwhile, may be looking for some tips of her own soon -- for a different reason. She's tackling her first hosting gig and is about to shoot a pilot for the Game Show Network." On September 29th, McKellar tweeted that she was shooting/hosting a game show for GSN, but she could not reveal the name of the project. On October 3rd, McKellar tweeted she was still shooting a project with GSN and posted a picture related to the type of show she was filming.

McKellar, this past summer, saw a taping of GSN's Idiotest and promoted the show.

In agreement with the latest GSN programming upfront, the only shows available that have not made it to air or have not been piloted are App Wars, Say What?, The Tunnel, Heavy Betters and Star Crossed Lovers. A Chain Reaction revival, to be done by GSN has been rumored in recent weeks.

The three possibilities I could think of are the Chain Reaction revival, App Wars or a second season of Idiotest. But, the restroom picture has me baffled.


  1. It's not Chain Reaction. You know nothing about that show obviously.

  2. I believe it IS Chain Reaction because look at the links in the chain behind her. Could you have a BIGGER clue than this?

    1. The "chain" behind her is an Audio logo. It's obvious she is hosting Split Second.

  3. The picture I attached to this blog entry I selected at random from Google. It has nothing to do with what show she could potentially be hosting, but good guess.

  4. Maybe there's some strange psychic connection between the pic and Chain Reaction. Like something from the Twilight Zone. Ooooohhhhh!!!

  5. Obvious as always that LegoYank has not a clue what he's talking about.

  6. With the bathroom picture, it's possible that whatever she's hosting will have a lot of toilet humor. No idea what this is, but I'd say there's a very good chance it will be rated TV 14.

  7. I'm hoping it isn't a game show coming to GSN but an off the wall idea to make it's way to the network.

    Get Ready for........

    The Wonder Years reruns.