Wednesday, October 8, 2014

'All Star Secrets' and 'Babble' average 99,000 total viewers in primetime

Game show rarities All Star Secrets and Babble averaged 99,000 total viewers in the 9pm ET hour this past Sunday. All Star Secrets had 117,000 total viewers, then Babble suffered a 32% audience drop and received 80,000 viewers the next half hour.

All Star Secrets and Babble will rerun tomorrow (Thursday) from 12-1pm ET as part of GSN's "Throwback Thursday" lineup.

The next game show classic rarity to air is Crosswits hosted by David Sparks on Sunday, October 26th. These episodes will feature Rosie O'Donnell and Arsenio Hall.


  1. The prime time bomb on Sunday sure didn't help GSN's weekly averages for September 29-October 5. The network averaged 303K/232K viewers prime time/total day, the worst numbers in quite a while. GSN ranked 47th and 45th in the windows, again the worst rankings in quite some time.

    This stuff belongs on weekday mornings, where it might attract some kind of audience.

  2. The GSN schedulers have no idea what they're doing. What possibly made them think people would watch these things?

  3. I forgot both of these shows were on this past Sunday and when I did, it was already 10:30pm.
    They didn't ran any promotion for these 2 shows. I regularly watch PYL in the mornings now that they are offering episodes that haven't been seen in 20 years, not once did I see them promote both shows. I did see a new twist to The Chase reruns with a puppet that looks like Mark.
    They BLEW it.
    And Yes, Lets Ask America belongs away from primetime. Far away from it. Same thing with the run into the ground show Shop Til You Drop.

  4. It might have been a low week for GSN, but it could mean it was a high week for other networks. When one goes up, another must come down.

    The rarities should only be Thursdays at noon, unless Tylenol demands prime time.

    When GSN starts showing the Bill Bellamy version of Let's Ask America, it will replace the Kevin Pereira version in prime time. Oh, and please stop complaining about Shop til You Drop. Nobody cares what Dee Baker is wearing. I believe Shop til You Drop will leave the schedule in December (1 year lease), though it might get a Black Friday marathon with the shopping tie in. GSN could use that as a farewell marathon, like the farewell Regis Millionaire marathon 2 years ago.

  5. Anyone know how pitiful the ratings are for Celeb Name Game? Our local station dropped Millionaire to add this piece of crap. I know Millionaire is getting around a 2 share. Guessing CNG is lucky to get a .5-.7. I've searched online and you can't find any syndicated rating outside the top 20.

  6. Every week I post the syndie ratings on Game Show Follies from a couple different sources. Celebrity Name Game got a 1.1 household rating in its first week, a lot better than your guess but still not so great. Millionaire got 2.0 for the same week. Both shows are way behind Wheel, Jeopardy and Feud.

    1. Thanks Casey, I'll keep an eye on them. Maybe my prediction was a little dire, but I'm surprised it did any better than .9. Does the same ratings drop seem to occur in the syndicated market like premieres compared to 2nd week in prime time network shows? I'm still surprised they removed Millionaire for an unknown on our local CBS affiliate(it's now hidden in the overnights). Granted I'm sure they saw the Craig Ferguson name compared to another new host on Millionaire and made the decision, but with CNG only pulling half the viewers we might see it swap back for the sweet after TPiR timeslot it had for the past few years.

  7. The anti-classics crowd is predictably elated to trumpet these poor ratings for older shows.

  8. GSN sent a couple of new schedules for this week and next week (Oct 6-12 and Oct 13-19). I put them up at Game Show Follies. Lots of changes. I assume GSN will send a new schedule for Oct 20-26 pretty soon.