Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Updated schedule changes effective September 29th

According to the GSN Online Schedule and updated abbreviated advanced schedules at GameShowFollies for the weeks of September 29-October 5 and October 6-12, starting September 29th, The Pyramid (GSN) will air at 2:30pm ET weekdays (replacing Chain Reaction) while Chain Reaction will consume the entire 3pm ET hour (replacing Steve Harvey's Family Feud). On Wednesday nights, Idiotest will air in the 10pm ET hour (replacing Family Feud) while Harvey Feud will air in the 11pm hour (replacing Idiotest).

At the 3pm weekdays schedule change, this is the first time ever since Game Show Network acquired Steve Harvey's Family Feud in March 2012 that an airing of Steve Harvey's Family Feud has been taken out of the schedule permanently after not being there for a special/marathon or not being moved somewhere else on the schedule.


  1. It's nice to see that chain reaction is back in the 3pm hour.

  2. It's nice (and also weird) to see Harvey Feud reduced. Must not have been producing the mega-numbers it produces in evenings/primetime.

    1. I bet chain reaction will possibly produce mega-numbers in the 3pm hour.

  3. Too bad there's not a rarities block in the 9pm hour.

  4. There's a good chance there will be. GSN, most likely, has not finalized the acquisition of the rarities for this second week. For example, originally on Sunday, October 5th, Baggage was scheduled for the 9pm hour but then GSN scheduled All Star Secrets & Babble. That may be the same for this week.

  5. GSN's weekly averages have slipped a bit for the past couple weeks, so they're just trying things. Chain Reaction and Pyramid have always gotten good numbers in the afternoon.

    As for the rarities, I wouldn't hold my breath. Unless All Star Secrets and Babble somehow turn in big ratings, I don't know how many (if any) more rarities you'll see.

  6. Chain Reaction always drew up strong numbers in the 3pm hour weekdays. From a post a few days ago here, Chain Reaction averaged 380,000 viewers in the 2:30pm slot for the week of September 8-12. Chain Reaction will probably average 400K+ viewers in the double-run, later 3pm hour starting next week.

  7. I think Harvey Feud is more of a ratingsbuster in primetime, good to see a whole hour of Chain Reaction.
    Also, I think they should do a whole hour of Catch 21, I've heard that show is also doing great in the ratings

  8. 2:00pm Catch 21
    2:30pm The Pyramid
    3:00pm Chain Reaction
    3:30pm Chain Reaction

    This was a good lineup and did well in ratings. Glad it's back, GSN shouldn't have gotten rid of it in January.