Thursday, September 18, 2014

Steve Harvey's 'Family Feud' to BET, TV Land and Centric

Steve Harvey's Family Feud is coming to other cable  networks.
Effective the week of September 29th through October 3rd, here is the schedule, per the Zap2It online schedule and TV Guide online schedule for airings of Steve Harvey's Family Feud on TV Land, BET and Centric:

TV Land: Weeknights 8pm, 8:30pm, 9pm
BET: Weekdays 9am, 9:30am
Centric: Weekdays, 4pm and 4:30pm

TV Land is the only network that will directly compete with GSN for Family Feud reruns, which will be Monday (O'Hurley episodes), Wednesday (Harvey, 9pm only) and Thursday (Harvey).

This is not the first time Steve Harvey's Family Feud is airing on two different networks in the same timeslot. In most markets, new episodes of Family Feud, in syndication have been going head-to-head with the GSN reruns since GSN acquired Steve Harvey's Feud in 2012. GSN currently runs Steve Harvey's Family Feud reruns from 6pm to 8pm weeknights, where for example in most markets nationally, Steve Harvey's Family Feud airs new in either the 5pm hour, 6pm hour or 7pm hour. Some affiliates, due to very successful first-run ratings, rerun Harvey Feud on their networks versus GSN reruns, for example, weekdays at 3pm or weeknights at 11pm or 1am.

Also note this is the same week 2012-13 episodes of Steve Harvey Feud episodes will appear on GSN for the first time.

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  1. Oh Good Lord make it stop!!! I tried to watch an episode tonite and it's sooooo fake. Steve thinks everyone is so funny but you can see right through his 'act'. Bring back Dawson or Combs, because this is garbage.

  2. Can you add a poll to your list on the right?

    How many people have trouble seeing most of what's listed?
    (a). Everyone
    (b). Everybody
    (c). All

  3. I just read an interesting article in our local Cleveland paper. Inside the TV listings it mentions Family Feud on TVLand and if this trial of 160 eps is successful, they have the option to pick up a mix of 1248 classic TPiR eps. These would be a mix of about 75% Barker and 25% Carey. It says the Carey eps would take a prime time spot and Barker either early evening access or late fringe. Fremantle has requested a no compete clause during daytime so an original wouldn't go head to head with TV Land rerun in any markets. If you need authentication/source, I'm sure the Plain Dealer is fully available online.

  4. Really, TPIR reruns on TV Land if Harvey Feud does well? Awesome! It seems like the good old times are coming back! Also, they could show old Feud, like Dawson or Combs if Steve proves to be a ratings hit on TV Land.

  5. If they want to run Family Feud all the time, why not mix Steve Harvey's up a bit with the other two hosts (Richard and John) like they use to? The Family Feud shows, at least most of them, hosted by Steve Harvey include quite a few "crass" comments by Steve and the contestants. I had to stop watching it when my grandchildren were around.

    1. "If they want to run Family Feud all the time, why not mix Steve Harvey's up a bit with the other two hosts (Richard and John) like they use to?"

      Because now that Steve Harvey's Family Feud is around on the schedule and currently very popular in syndication, Karn and O'Hurley are much less popular and there's no point of running them daily, several times a day anymore.