Monday, September 29, 2014

Schedule changes starting this week

Game Show Network will introduce a ton of schedule changes starting today.

On today's schedule, Bob Eubanks-hosted Card Sharks will air at 9am, followed by New to GSN episodes of Press Your Luck (9:30am), Sale of the Century (10am) and The $25,000 Pyramid (10:30am). In the noon hour, New to GSN episodes of Let's Ask America remain. GSN's version of The Pyramid will make it back to weekdays at 2:30pm, while Chain Reaction will move to the 3pm hour.

Starting tonight at 10pm, New to GSN episodes of Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air. These episodes will be from the 2012-13 season, Harvey's third season. The first two seasons of Steve Harvey's Family Feud have been running on GSN since March 2012. Additional new to GSN episodes of Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air weeknights at 1am and 1:30am, along with Tuesday through Friday primetime at various times. GSN will run through thirty new to GSN episodes of Steve Harvey's Family Feud this week alone, while around 150 episodes total exist from this specific season.

There are no significant changes to weekday primetime besides Idiotest airing in reruns Wednesday at 8pm and 10pm, plus an additional hour of Steve Harvey's Family Feud at 10pm Friday night.  Idiotest will rerun Friday afternoon at 3pm and 3:30pm. Sunday night is where the major changes happen, with Let's Ask America airing from 7-9pm. Very, very short run classic game shows All Star Secrets and Babble will air at 9pm. Baggage remains at 10pm.

On weekend mornings, Super Password and Blockbusters will air at 9am and 9:30am respectively, each day. Apolo Ohno's Minute to Win It will replace Skin Wars Sunday at 1pm and will air in a double-run.

All Times Eastern


  1. Here's how I would've changed the schedule starting today.

    8:00am Match Game
    8:30am Match Game
    9:00am Card Sharks
    9:30am Press Your Luck
    10:00am Sale of the Century
    10:30am $25,000 Pyramid
    11:00am Super Password
    11:30am Blockbusters
    12:00pm Let's Ask America
    12:30pm Let's Ask America
    1:00pm Family Feud (O'Hurley)
    1:30pm Family Feud (O'Hurley)
    2:00pm Catch 21
    2:30pm The Pyramid
    3:00pm Chain Reaction
    3:30pm Chain Reaction
    4:00pm Deal or No Deal
    4:30pm Deal or No Deal
    5:00pm Shop til You Drop
    5:30pm Shop til You Drop
    6:00pm Family Feud (Harvey)
    6:30pm Family Feud (Harvey)
    7:00pm Family Feud (Harvey)
    7:30pm Family Feud (Harvey)

    I also would've made another change to the weekend morning schedule. Here's what I would've done there.

    9:00am Super Password
    9:30am Blockbusters
    10:00am Whammy!
    10:30am Russian Roulette
    11:00am Lingo (Woolery)
    11:30am Lingo (Engvall)

    BTW, Idiotest does not rerun on Friday, Chain Reaction airs in the 3pm hour there. Idiotest does air in the 3pm hour on Saturdays replacing Skin Wars.

    1. bring back the original whammy and get rid of love triangle

  2. Too bad the Richard Dawson era of Match Game and Password Plus are gone. More advanced schedules will come this week.

  3. Why new Harvey at 1am?
    Harvey's 3rd season was lacking. Too many drug jokes. Clown and the white nose.

    Here's how I would have remade the morning schedule:
    8am: Blockbusters (Rafferty)
    8:30am Match Game 90
    9am: Acey Deucey
    9:30am: Press Your Luck
    10am: Sale of the Century
    10:30am: $25k Pyramid
    11am: Password Plus
    11:30am: Shop Til You drop

    2pm: would be Lingo.
    The 5pm hour of Shop til you drop would have been dropped in favor of a full hour of Catch 21. They could tie in Alfonso's appearance on DWTS as the reason for why they would show him at 5pm for a full hour.

  4. GSN Feud at 10pm is the same episode that TV Land was showing in their primetime block.