Monday, September 15, 2014

Schedule change reaction

Major schedule changes will occur two weeks from now, in case you have not heard. Card Sharks will return to the schedule, Press Your Luck returns to the weekday schedule as Blockbusters moves to weekends along with additional Super Password slots. Idiotest reruns get shifted, The Chase picks up a few more airings mid-hiatus and Skin Wars disappears completely. Steve Harvey's Family Feud also gets adjusted in some slots while Let's Ask America gets some primetime exposure. Here's my breakdown:

It's great news for Let's Ask America: A sure sign that the Kevin Pereira-hosted game show is pushing some strong numbers. For those of you who said that Let's Ask America had small, putrid numbers in this comment thread, it appears GSN must be enjoying whatever numbers the noon hour is garnering, due to the fact that this newly acquired show has just picked up a big two-hours Sunday nights.

It's better news for Skin Wars: Believe it or not, it is. American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church were both pulled from their schedule after their respective season finales when renewed for additional seasons. A Skin Wars absence, which does not perform adequately in reruns will leave the schedule until which we presume, an upcoming second season.

GSN is not done with their own Minute to Win It: Within the past few weeks, GSN's Minute revival has picked up two additional slots: 3am Sunday effective last week and 1pm Sunday starting October 5th. Two new slots in two additional slots where there is not much to lose, but GSN must have been agreeing with the Ohno Minute numbers from 2pm Sundays in recent weeks.

GSN is not done with classics yet either: A re-acquisition of Card Sharks and a pre-1990 taking a 2002-03 GSN original is a great sign for classic lovers. Super Password and Blockbusters remain on weekends, which means GSN will have a total of seven pre-1990 shows on their weekly schedule. Card Sharks is returning for the first time since March 2013.

You have got to love Steve Harvey's Family Feud (especially in primetime): Steve Harvey's Family Feud gains two more airings a week, now up to 68. 8 of 15 hours of weekday primetime are filled with Harvey Feud. Viewers of TV Land and BET will be loving some Harvey Feud real soon too.

Idiotest: GSN must have some faith in Idiotest despite some ho-hum numbers lately (Idiotest new runs have averaged 357,000 total viewers in new episodes the past two weeks). No clue if Idiotest on Wednesday night from 8-9pm will be new episodes. I presume they'll be new.

These schedule changes start the week of September 29th.


  1. The numbers you showed us that one day for Let's Ask America ARE putrid. Less than 100,000 viewers at noon is AWFUL. The numbers on OTHER days had to have been somewhat better for it to get additional slots. You only told us about the ONE day, and that is the only one my "putrid" comment referred to. Also, my biggest problem with your statement that day referred to the "notable gain," which was supposed to be "noticeable gain." Apparently, you still do not understand how that's a mistake, or perhaps, you are still not willing to admit you make them. It just hurts YOUR credibility as a "journalist," not anyone else's.

    Also, on the Minute to Win It paragraph, you HAVE a MISTAKE. You say "...not to much to loose." It's LOSE. Yes, you made a mistake. But you probably will once again ignore it or try to spin things to justify it like you did with the Let's Ask America numbers. Just let us all hear YOU say that you made a mistake. I know it's tough, but try it.

    1. Lose mistake, it will be fixed.

      Thanks for the observation.

  2. First of all, Scott, ignore this anonymous poster. Everyone makes mistakes.

    Secondly, "GSN is not done with their own Minute to Win It". I assume you are just referring to it being on the schedule period; the series isn't going to have new episodes produced, right?

    1. There will be no new episodes of Ohno's Minute to Win It. There are enough episodes to go around for reruns but the ratings were never high enough for an additional order.

  3. These schedule changes suck.
    Same $@&* different day.

    I'm sure Press Your Luck will be the same episodes they were running on weekdays before being demoted to weekends.
    Same thing with Blockbusters and Super Password.

    Would be been different if they had placed the Original Double Dare instead of Blockbusters on the schedule. Trebek with the 'fro and mustache--- classic.

    Harvey Feud SHOULD get cut since other networks now have it. Centric plans to air it 4-5pm. TV wasteLAND plans to air it I think at 8pm. GSN should eliminate the 3pm hour (since some syndicated markets get newer episodes at this time).

  4. Just got a new one-page schedule for September 29-October 5. There are a couple of real oddities on Friday night. I'll let you check them out yourselves at Game Show Follies.

  5. Thanks for the heads up. Did not get around to posting last night.

    Cannot wait for the full pdf version.