Monday, September 22, 2014

Report: GSN wants hour-long 'Chain Reaction' reboot

1980's Chain Reaction
It is expected that Game Show Network will be casting in the following months for a Chain Reaction reboot, possibly hosted by Mark Walberg who previously hosted Russian Roulette on GSN for two seasons.

Chain Reaction was originally a 1980's game show hosted by Bill Cullen then Geoff Edwards. Chain Reaction was revived by Game Show Network in 2006 and lasted two seasons. Dylan Lane hosted the revival. Chain Reaction airs in reruns weekdays on GSN and is typically one of the highest rated shows of the day regularly minus Steve Harvey's Family Feud.

This revival is planned to be in an hour-long format, where GSN has had more success with hour-long weekly originals than other formats in the previous two years.

This is part of GSN boosting their original programming lineup, in addition to six other originals in development, which include The Chase, Idiotest, Skin Wars, It Takes a Church, App Wars and Baggage On The Road.

In other original news, It Takes a Church is casting but it does not appear that American Bible Challenge will be back for additional seasons after a disappointing third season in overall ratings.


  1. Making stuff up again. No host has been mentioned, especially not Mark Walberg. GSN execs do not like him.

  2. I've got a little news that does have a source...

    Just got the one-page schedule for October 6-12. It's posted at Game Show Follies. No new rarities on Sunday night. Baggage takes the hour. The previous rarities do get a repeat on Thursday, October 9 at noon.

    The cover e-mail continues to talk about the "Time Capsule initiative," whatever that is.

  3. The Chain Reaction article above was double and triple sourced. The only name I have heard tied to the rumored-reboot is Walberg. I'll post anything if I hear he/GSN/both are not interest.

    By rumor, Game Show Network will be collecting game show rarities in alphabetical order, like All Star Secrets and Babble (which will air on October 5th). For example, the week of October 12th, game shows starting with 'C' and 'D' will air. This is expected to occur for thirteen weeks and would end Sunday, December 28th (the last Sunday of the year).

    For now, GSN will just stick Baggage there until they get actually get a rare game show, just like they did with Sunday, October 5th.

  4. GSN has revised the schedule again. I've got the one-page versions at Game Show Follies for September 29-October 5 and October 6-12.

  5. Hey Scott, I get the feeling this other "Anonymous" person, and maybe others, are just trolling you to give you a hard time.

    Have you ever thought of a filter system to block trolls, just saying.

    On another note, I would love to see Chain Reaction revived! Of course, I hope GSN has learned their lessons from the previous version. By that I mean, cast people who can play the game the way it should be played! Plus, it doesn't have to be guys vs. girls, mix it up a bit.

  6. I don't think a revival of Chain Reaction is going to happen. The only sources I've seen for it are a number of anonymous comments (none of them by me) on this blog.